Monday, April 27, 2009

This is my commissioning into the Navy as a LTJG Chaplain.  With one raise of the right hand and a few key words my life has changed forever.  

Monday, April 20, 2009

Why in the world am I blogging?

Recently I had a conversation with one of my good friends about whether or not he should begin a blog.  I think that the conversation went something like this, "I mean everyone else seems to have a blog these days, does that mean I have to start one?  The only problem is that I don't have anything to say, well anything NEW at least."
Like my friend I don't really have anything new or profound to say, but I am blogging because I am about to begin an experience that is like no other I have every been through.  For 12 weeks this summer I will be in Newport, RI going through Chaplaincy training for the United States Navy.  There I will learn how to minister in a religiously plural environment and apparently be put to death by powerpoint.  
This blog will be a summary of my time in Newport.  It will be a sounding board for my experience of going from being a "civilian"  to neck deep in military.  Most of all this blog will be a diary of sorts where I will put my thoughts, prayers, and struggles as I seek to learn what it means to be a Chaplain in the structure of the Navy that faithfully proclaims to cross of Christ.  
I invite you to follow my progress through the Chaplaincy program and humbly ask you to remember me in your prayers.

God Bless
Joshua Earls