Friday, May 2, 2014

Autism & Essential Oils

People! I have some amazing news! I became a hippie:) Insert peace sign. Bust out the pachouli oil and lets have a toast.

Just kidding, well sorta. 

With the diagnosis of autism becoming a part of our lives three years ago my research led me to the benefits of treating autism from the inside out.  Changing us from eating cheez-its and sour patch kids to a gluten, casein, soy, peanut, banana free diet and buying organic meats and veggies.  Before autism I was happy as pig in a peach orchard to spend my days eating Taco Bell all day long.
Well, this leads me to the day I truly became a hippie last month.  I ordered Essential Oils through Young Living. Yes, you have heard of them.  You probably started running when a weird oil lady (who smelled like pachouli) started telling you that "you can dab a bit on the bottom of your foot" and you will solve world peace. I'll be the first to tell you I was and always have been VERY skeptical of easy fixes in life.  Either way, I was contacted a few times by various friends who I trusted and cared for who had shared some essential oil testimonials on the benefits of TREATING AUTISM BEHAVIORS with the oils.  I was given some oils to try out, liked them then bought some of my own.... then I became a peace loving hippie.

1. We started on two oils: PEACE and CALMING (just like it says), and VETIVER (focus/anti-anxiety): We noticed a reduction in anxiety and loud outbursts.  She has received accolades from her speech therapy and behavioral therapy workers already as they are noticing a trend of better behaviors.  I didn't even tell speech we had tried to oils because I wanted an authentic response!  I then added LAVENDER (calming)  and VALOR (anti anxiety)

2. I immediately ordered a "Premium Starter Kit" from Young Living because there were so many other oils I wanted to try (and with this kit you get 11 oils in the every day oil collection and a diffuser for $150).  I realized if I were to buy each oil alone it would be much more expensive and PEACE/CALMING, LAVENDER, VALOR are all in this kit.

3. Oh and I use the oils on my baby to help build immunity (THIEVES oil) as it is gentle enough to put on her skin.  I also us LAVENDER for calming/allergies, and I've used PEPPERMINT to help her with congestion.  Bella recently came down with a fever of 105 for three days. I used many oils to help her and also doused my 6 month old with THIEVES to be sure she didn't get it...and she didn't!

Here are the oils in the kit and what they do:

Just wanted to share something I am excited about.  I won't try to sell you on this, I just had to share.  It's something that I was super skeptical about and was proven wrong.  I am excited to continue testing these oils and sharing our successes:) You can now smell me from a mile away!

Interested?  Message me!  I hold online meetings to explain them for my friends from afar, or can meet face to face and give you samples to try.  I'm all about trying to see if things work!

Want to order? Here's the website to do so: ORDER HERE

*The PREMIUM STARTER KIT is the kit to buy if you want to be a wholesale member (like SAMS CLUB)- 24% discounts!

Don't want to order? That's ok, you must not like hippies.