Friday, June 19, 2009

ODS graduation

Well today is graduation day. The seriousness of the last five weeks has been replaced by lighthearted joking and let me tell you it hasn't come a moment too soon.
I was talking to my roommate yesterday, about the last five weeks, and how it has gone both fast and slow at the same time. At the beginning, where our life consisted of being yelled at and told that we couldn't do anything right, ODS felt like it was going to be an eternity, but towards the end we were given the responsibility of our own company and time seemed to fly by. It is interesting how fast things and our perception of those things can change.
Another interested fact I noticed the other day is that while here you get the feeling that over the five weeks you have really gotten to know the people that you live, eat, and spend all your time with; but you really haven't. A couple of days ago someones first name was mentioned and we slowly began to realize that all the people of Romeo company who "knew" each other so well had no freaking idea what any one's first name was in our company. There is no Josh, Noah, Mike, or Jason, there is only Burchell, Brod, Earls, Atherly and on and on.
I am glad to be done with ODS but at the same time I will miss the people and the relationships that we have established.

God bless
Joshua Earls

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