Saturday, May 7, 2011

I'm so excited, I'm so excited, I'm so scared....


The time has finally come. My love for a certain sitcom cannot be suppressed any longer. In fact, a few years ago I woke up EXTRA early in the morning just to watch the ENTIRE SHOW FROM BEGINNING TO END... don't worry, it only took me a year... or longer (no, I am not embarrassed). My eyes got tired. I had to take breaks, but I made it through that dark (no hot black) time in my life. My mind is still full of ripped jeans, puffy hair scrunchy's, blue eye shadow, large cell phones, and b-b-b-Bayside cheers. If you are nervous about the next few paragraphs, you should be... they are complete nonsense. You may "regress" in actual knowledge and general 2011 "coolness" by reading them. It's ok though friends, I'll always be here for you (with my late 80's and early 90's quotes, and love for cheesy rock ballads).

I believe it would be a diservice to not share something with you today. This video may, in fact, change you life....

First, you may wonder why I (Annie) decided the blog deserved a brush with such a classy sitcom as "Saved by the Bell"? Well, because it was my favorite show growing up. I used to pretend I was Kelly Kapowski and wished that one day I would meet my real- life Zack Morris. The day I actually did meet Zack Morris (who was a guest judge at a cheer competition I was in) I was so nervous that I almost fell on my face doing a back layout. Little did I know, my Zack Morris would not have blonde hair, or own a huge "cell phone". No silly's, I did not end up with Zack, or the Italian stalion Slater for that matter. I found the notorious Josh Earls (although now that I think about it, both he and Slater seem to share excess hair follicles). :)

Ok, I've been taking lots of pills lately for my back pain (which made me remember this clip). I feel like each morning I should wake up and Josh should approach me so we can do a reenactment:) This really is the ultimate "Saved by the Bell" moment below! The truth is, the Earls family actually does reenact this scene quite often (not kidding)... To see it in real life, all you need to do is peek through our windows late at night....there's a 68% chance that we are doing this very scene at that given moment...

In all seriousness, drugs are bad. Unless, they help your back (of course).

What do you think? I like the one with the hat personally...

Annie Earls signing out. My husband is now embarrassed by his own blog. I will be repremanded!

P.S. Random... as I was compiling this blog, one of my college roommates posted this picture of herself interviewing Screech?! What are the chances? Why are we all so famous?


  1. OH MY WORD! Hilarious! I watched every episode too!

  2. So funny!!!!! No one in my house can ever say "I'm so excited.." without my husband doing that scene. I think my son would be happy to know that other parents are out there doing the same thing.
    Love your blog!