Monday, June 29, 2009

Chaplain Training

Well I have been in chaplain school for a little over a week and so far we have been through 10 hour classroom days where we do nothing but look at powerpoint. We went down to the Coast Guard academy to see how they do things down there and we went to Groton Naval Sub base where we went through the Texas (Thank God chaplains aren't on subs!!). I can honestly say that chaplain school hasn't been as fun as I thought it would be, but instead it has been one powerpoint after another. Only about 5 more weeks.

One thing that I have been going through here in chaplain school and during my time in ODS is that my time is focused on what I am supposed to learn, and I have allowed my time in the word and in prayer to wain. This has caused my spirit and heart to be downcast and the hardest part is that I don't really have people here that I can talk to. I am surrounded by 50 other chaplains and chaplain candidates but it's hard to tell them about my struggles. It makes me long for the time I had with my small group in Lynchburg. Mike, Josh, Chris, Brian, Zip, Joe, I miss you guys, and its hard to come to grips with the fact that our time together is more than likely at an end. But we are the body of Christ whatever the distance, so please pray for me while I am here that the Lord would give me a desire for Him. That I might see His beauty all around and that it might propel me on towards a passionate pursuit of Him.

God Bless
to you all
Joshua Earls


  1. Awesome blog! I'm glad your friends and family get to see your progress through your career training.

    Hang in there, Josh, this whole experience can fly by faster than you can say "only 5 more weeks" and then at the end your left pondering on how well you spent all those weeks there. I know you'll give it your all and where ever life directs you, that city will have one great chaplain! Don't forget to live in the present moment :-)

    Sending positive thoughts your way,

  2. Chaplain Earls,
    Congratulations on graduating from ODS! I have received my orders to attend ODS this month and found your blog while searching online for further information on ODS. I was wondering if you would be willing to pass on any advice/surpises/etc before I depart. I have read over the packing list on the website but did you discover there were others things you needed upon arrival?