Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Well we where right, our Senior Chief met us after PT on Monday morning and informed us that someone had apparently not saluted a LCDR over the weekend. The punishment was that we got our talking and coffee privileges taken away in the galley, we had to go to the sand pit, and we got a good butt chewing.

Our time in the sand pit consisted of alot of screaming and a constant rotation between jumping jacks, push-ups, 6 inches, leg flutter kicks, and mountain runners. It only lasted about 30 minutes, but by the end of it we were pretty grimy. I guess it is back to step one and being treated like a child.

Everyone here is getting a little on edge. It is the stopping and starting that is getting on every one's nerves. One minute we are all buddies and doing great, the next we are getting yelled at and being told we are losers. I think I have reached the point of getting all that I am going to get out of my time at ODS (Military bearing, and how to wear my uniform)

God Bless
Joshua Earls

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