Friday, July 10, 2009

How fast things come!

I am back in Boston with my wife and baby Isabella. Annie heard how much fun I had last week so she wanted to come see Boston for her self. It is late Friday night and both her and the baby are asleep and I am looking at old pictures on the computer. The reality of my current situation continues to sink in more and more with the passing of time but I still have a difficult time really coming to grips with the fact that I have left Lynchburg, my house on Handy St., my stupid cats, and my friends. For so long Annie and I have pushed, prayed, and dreamed about being blessed by God to serve as a Navy Chaplain (about 6 years), but now the time is here and everything has changed. I am very excited about the future ministry I have in the Navy and I wouldn't give it up for anything I just wish everything that I left in Lynchburg could be rolled in with what I am going to do in the Navy.
Cherish the present moments that you have (I know it sounds like I am writing a Hallmark card), even if they are difficult, because in the blink of an eye you will wake up and they will all be gone.
Prayerfully my ministry in the Navy will stand on the shoulders of giants in the Christian faith who have had a profound influence upon my life. I used to think that these people were mainly the big time, well known preachers and scholars (Piper, Spurgeon, Keller, Edwards, Owen and the like), but the influence I feel the most is from the faithful saints who have poured their love and time into my life. So to my wife (and as if you all didn't know this already, she is the most amazing women ever she makes being a husband and father very easy), my father (I am so blessed to only need to look to him to find a heroic example of what it means to be a faithful minister of the Word and one who is always pursuing holiness), to my mother (I hope that I can mimic her passion and strength), to my friends (I can't say enough about what you all have meant to me, the boys in Lynchburg your words of encouragement and challenging are ever present in my mind, to others I thank you for your constant prayers and support), and finally to those who have taken time to teach a young man who needs to learn so much (Dr. Smith that you for taking the time to sit down and answer the questions of a young historian and giving me the confidence that I can succeed)

God Bless To You All
Joshua Earls

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