Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The most unlikely evangelical

So last Friday I went to a memorial service for a sailor who was found dead in a hotel room all by himself. They haven't come out and said that it was suicide but either way this is already the third suicide/death that I have been a part of dealing with since I came to Norfolk.
While I was at the the memorial service something surprising happened I heard the name of Jesus, repeatedly. I heard of His sacrifice on our behalf and I heard an appeal for all the sailors to put their faith in Him, and who did I hear this all from? A CANADIAN CATHOLIC CHAPLAIN!!!!!!!!! A your freakin kidding me.
Oh how I have been humbled. All the Protestant evangelical chaplains I have been around have been great but the one chaplain who steps up and says forget the norm of Navy political correctness is a catholic chaplain. It was a great lesson learned (sorry all, everything you do in the Navy you always talk about lessons learned afterwards) that I will have a limited number or years in the chaplain corps and that is fine, but my time should be spent proudly proclaiming Christ in all situations.

Another situation has come up in my families' life that I would like to ask you all for prayer in. When my daughter Isabella went to the doctor last month he said that he was a little concerned about her head size being too big. So we went and got an ultrasound taken, and even though the picture results weren't the best (she will have to get an MRI for better results) the doctor was able to see that she had some swelling on her brain. This is symptomatic of something called hydrocephalus which is basically a build up of fluid on the brain that can sometimes cause brain damage. Our next step is to get that MRI but also to have a consult with neurology. We don't know if little Bells will need surgery or anything like that but I know that we could all use your prayers.

Thank you all


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  1. Sorry to hear about little Bella, but keep thinking positive Josh. I will most definitely keep all of you in my prayers and I'm sending warmth, compassion and strength to your family. Please, keep me updated either by blog or FB.
    Big hugs, Venus