Monday, May 24, 2010

Since Josh left...

Most exciting things that have happened since Josh left....

1. Bella threw mashed potatoes in my eye ball (apparently eyes were not made for mashed potatoes). I was walking around in a state of blurred vision for a while. Every-time I tried to get the potato out it just mushed.

2. We (Carol, Bella and I) went to Williamsburg on Saturday. It was gorgeous weather and there was a farmers market going with fresh produce and cute colonial things. I feel like I go to Williamsburg so often I should just give in and become a colonial myself. They should pay me to walk around and talk to people who aren't really listening. Carol and I decided I should wear the scarlet letter like Hester Prynne (just to stir things up). Totally wrong period and totally wrong story but, it would make for good conversation!

3. We hit the beach in Norfolk. Now, when say "beach" you may be thinking crashing waves, sand as far as the eye can see, and bathing beauties. Well, in reality, we live in Norfolk VA so picture lots of homeless people (whom I love), and water line where you walk into the water and immediately find yourself falling off a cliff into deep waters (which was super fun for Bells). Oh, and no waves b/c of the bay. I'm not complaining--I love my beach!

4. I haven't washed the sheets of my bed (though they need it) because they still smell like Josh (good or bad, I miss him).

5. We got to talk to Josh on the ship's phone's not the best connection but he is doing well and just settling into things.

6. I ate 6 peanut butter cookies. Yah, that's right, and there are about 10 more that have been staring at me all day...sometimes I think I hear them calling for me.

7. Oh and I totally started spying on my neighbors. What?! I can't help it, there was an ambulance. Ok, so I spied on them before but when the ambulance came it made things really juicy.

7. Lastly, I bought a one piece bathing suit. I cannot believe this day has finally come.

8. If you look above you'll notice there are two number sevens. Yes, this is due to the overall tiredness I have experienced since my dear husband left. It's ok though because that is the Lords number. ;)

It is finished.

If you read this, I feel so bad for you. You must really need something to do. Here, I have an idea...visit: (so funny).


  1. ANNIE! You kill me! How are you not a stand up comedian? WOW...I love you! But, peanut butter cookies talking to you? We may need to do an intervention.....

  2. Spying on neighbors is totally normal, right? It runs in the family. Grandma P. keeps a set of binoculars next to the kitchen window -

    .....and the back bedroom window -

    .....and the den -

    .....and the -

    And I'm posting as anonymous because I can't figure this out. Really? Am I getting so old that technology is getting further and further out of reach?


  3. Annie, this is ridiculous! You guys have me crying one minute and laughing the next. Another reason why I love you guys! Miss you so much!