Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Young Love Part Deux...

So if you read my last post, you got to see the first email Josh ever sent me. He was attempting to get my number and take me on a date. The boy knew what he wanted and went for it! Once I had decided to give him my number, clearly I was all about it. I am realizing now that I am one aggressive chick when I am "about someone"....

Oh-and am I really that cheesy?? Yikes.

Here you go:

Josh Earls

So that 's your name.....Let me start off by saying thankyou for introducing yourself I've wanted to meet you -so I'm glad I finally got the chance:) When you walked away I almost turned around and gave you my phone number. I never, ever give out my phone number because I haven't been compelled to but, I really wanted you to have it. Neways... your email was so sweet... it made me smile:)

Let me tell you about me now.... I grew up in Oceanside, California (of course that's where my heart is) I have 4 brothers and sisters the two older ones Jen and John live in CA and the younger sisters Katie and Candace are in Michigan with my wonderful parents (let me tell you we are a loud and crazy family.... I love them so much). I went to High School in Michigan and came to Liberty (because God had it in my plan and I am so thankful for that). Yes, I'm a Junior and my major is Communications. I do a radio show here in the mornings on Monday and Wed. (are you going to listen?:) oh-and I love my roommates off campus.

That was short and sweet huh:) ok this feels so weird... did it feel weird for you? I really hope that we can start to get to know eachother... you say you are afraid when it comes to "women" and all I have to say is...well, don't be afraid of me...I'm a nice girl (don't bite:) Maybe we could get together sometime (soon) What do you think Josh?

I'm so glad you did write me... oh here's the most important part are you ready.....

My phone number .... don't lose it Mr.!!! 426-XXXX that's my cell phone... I always have it...

Ok I'm gonna go... be good and keep in touch ~ Annie Koole

Wow:) Young love....


  1. i love the part when you say "oh-and I love my roommates off campus." hehe :)
    tell him girl!

  2. ahhh- I LOVE IT!!! My fav. part is when you said you love your roommates too!!! So funny!!!