Sunday, August 8, 2010


I awoke this morning excited about the day ahead of me for two reasons. First, it's Sunday and that means I get to preach. I get to preach the Word of God to Sailors. Yes some of them will be half asleep because they are so tired from their previous watch, but Lord willing the message will sink deep into their hearts and the Gospel of Christ will grab hold of them.
Second, today is Sunday August 8th and that means it's my anniversary! Now on a normal anniversary I might take a little weekend trip with Annie or we might go out for a nice dinner, but this year we aren't doing either of those because, as you know, I am deployed right now. So you might be asking yourself, "why in the world are you excited. Shouldn't you be depressed or something." Maybe I should be, but by God's grace I'm not. I am only thinking that today is a celebration of what God has done in my marriage. I have a wonderful wife who has loved me so well for seven years that it honestly feels like we just got married. I love this day because it takes me back to all our other anniversaries and happy moments in our marriage.
Sunday is the best day for me to celebrate our anniversary, especially this one, because today I am preaching on the Faithfulness of God. Yes I am separated from my wife on a day that we should be together but God is faithful. He has been using our separation to further His kingdom and therefore it is worth being apart from each other. Annie and I just talked about this last night. I want to see my wife, I want to see my little girl grow, but God has called us to this and He is faithful in His calling. He is using both Annie and I to do eternal work, ETERNAL WORK!! Therefore we can be brave and take the risk of missing an anniversary together.
I love my wife so much because she mourns the fact that we are separated, but she also rejoicing in the reality that God is being magnified by that separation.

I love you honey! Happy 7th! You have shown me seven years worth of Proverbs 31!

Love Josh

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  1. I'm glad you are so positive and if we are not living for God and following His will for our lives then what does our life amount to? I often have to remind myself of your same conviction that either I wake up everyday and decide to live it for the Lord or indulge in the flesh w/ it's worries and temptations not to trust God. God reminds of the bigger picture that this life is short and I'm either gunna step out of my comfort zone, take a risk and follow Him and share Him with others and minister to others or I'm going to stay in my box with no motivation and not further His kingdom in any way. Ultimately, not being a true Christ representative. Thanks for sharing and happy 7 years guys! LOVE you