Thursday, October 14, 2010

Top 10...


10. I miss the way that it takes him like 13.5 minutes to wake up fully. He walks around in a drunken sleep stupor, running into things, grunting, and itching himself. I miss that.

9. I miss the way he smells. This is sad but sometimes I go to the mens cologne desk to smell "man smells"… loser. I know he doesn't always smell like cologne, but I miss that too… his smell.

8. I miss the way he loves on Bella. I literally cannot look at other daddy's with their girls, I start tearing up. I miss him for her.

7. I miss the way he holds my hand in the car and kisses my forehead.

6. I miss us being the "Earls"….When you get married, you begin to find that your spouse is your other half, your partner in crime, your passion and joy lies in the intricacies of them….

5. I miss the way he runs outside to grab groceries when I pull up to the house… (it's the little things)

4. I miss his sweet face and the soft part of his cheeks….

3. I miss holding him and burying my face into his chest when I'm sad or happy… or anything

2. I miss the way he always points me to rely on God at all times

1. I miss my husband more than I could put into words… more than he will ever understand…

Love you Josh!


  1. Praying for you two and praying that the rest of his deployment speeds by for you. Tell the Navy to send him home already!

  2. okayyy okayyy stop making me cry :( welllppp he'll totally be back before you know! AND mi madre is helping yall move bk down! :) I'm happy she'll be able to be there to support you :)
    LOVE youu

  3. Hang in there! You have about 9 weeks left! Come back so we can have a girls night.

  4. my heart aches reading this! i can't wait for you three to be reunited!