Friday, November 12, 2010

Try It for Seven Months

The article above tells the story of the Carnival Cruise Liner that broke down and became stranded at sea. This story has been in the news for days as if some great tragedy has happened because people are waiting in lines to get their food, and they are without internet and T.V. Worst of all some of the toilets stopped working for a while!
Now I will be the first to tell you that when you spend money and take time off work for a vacation and instead get a Cruise ship that is dead in the water, that it freakin stinks (Ha!! seriously I didn't even mean that), but COME ON!! I dare you to go through it for 7 months. Ask anyone who has deployed with the Navy on a small boy (Frigate, Destroyer, Cruiser).
One second you are talking to your wife back home and lines are down...oh well just wait till next week.
Need to do something online.......ship is pointing in the wrong direction, NO SOUP FOR YOU! (even if you are pointed in the right direction its like 28k speed (that's half of 56k))
And don't even ask about the toilets......somehow even after 7 months some people can't understand that you can't flush rages down the toilet, it clogs everything up.

So, I understand that it is a big deal when a Cruise Liner breaks down in the middle of the ocean, but try going through all the "horrible" things for 7 months, then call me with your whining.

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