Wednesday, December 22, 2010

We are complete.

Deep sigh.

He's home. The video I posted is a good representation of the emotions I felt that day. I was overjoyed yet completely overwhelmed with emotions. The night before Josh came home I couldn't sleep. At one point, I realized I had walked a circle around my living room three times. It was like I knew my life was going to instantly get better in every way.... yet, I couldn't make time go faster or actually imagine it in real life. I woke up and was nervous at first, then completely excited. I kept telling Bella that someone amazing was coming. Daddy was coming home. I wasn't sure if she would remember him but I was hoping... no praying she would. For Josh's sake, I prayed she would greet him with a smile and show him how much she cherished him like her mommy does. After all, the love Josh has for her is unspeakable...unexplainable...perfection.

We pulled up to the pier and the ship had already docked but all of the guys were still on the ship. No one could get off until first kiss and new father's got to see their little ones. So, Bella and I scanned the ship looking for that familiar face, the one we longed to see again. When those navy boys dress up, they all look the same... well, that's what they say at least. But, not my Josh. I looked and found him and just ran. I couldn't hold him yet but I could talk to him from a distance. I pulled Bella's stroller up to face him. She looked at all of the navy boys... he called out to her and it was instantaneous. She knew his voice, his face... she lit up like I haven't seen in 7 months. I felt such overpowering joy at that moment. I saw the joy in Josh's eyes too!

Finally, they were able to get off the ship. Bella and I had gone to a heated tent at that point because it was like 20 degrees on the pier and Bella was having a hard time with the cold. All of the other navy chaplains had helped us find warmth and assured us they would find Josh and bring him to me. They were so sweet. Then someone said, here he comes. I felt like I was going to burst. He walked in, took off his hat and the moment arrived. I held him. Like I never wanted to let go -- like ever. Someone was going to have to pry my hands off of him. Then I remembered, our girl.... he needs to see his girl.... She smiled at him and remembered his face. I've included the video of her once we made it home... she's basically IN LOVE with him. She does things for daddy that mommy has never seen. Her development has even progressed just due to his presence alone. What a difference a daddy makes.

So, we are a family again. I fall asleep to his breath and wake up to his smiling face. It's utter bliss. It's marriage. It's the way it's supposed to be. He snuggles... he plays... he laughs... he's my person... he's Bella's daddy. I'm pretty sure Josh knows how much we love him now (if he ever wondered).

So friends. CHERISH your loved ones. Pray for our military families. Deployment is hard. I happen to have an exceptionally loving husband and supportive family and friends. Not all wives have that. I feel so blessed. I feel so loved. Thank you for your prayers on our behalf. They have been binding us to Christ and his grace and mercy throughout this trial!

Best Christmas EVER! Josh is our gift this year. I pray that I will feel even more excitement about the ultimate gift this season. Christ. I pray that each day I would yearn for Him with such fervent excitement.

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