Thursday, April 28, 2011

A Letter to My Bella.

My Love,

Isabella ParaLeigh Earls. Just saying your name makes me get flutters in my tummy as though you have a power to move me from within. You, my love, are a perfect gift from God fashioned with all of my favorite things (as though God knew how much I would love you). He created you in my womb as delicately as a potter molds his clay. You are the product of the intense love between me and your daddy. You were prayed for before you twinkled in our eyes for the first time. We prayed for a child that would do great things and impact the world, but mostly that you would love your Creator as we love him. I still pray this prayer my sweet. Your arrival into this world, though tumultuous, was a miracle... as powerful and providential as I've ever seen or felt. God kept you safe as you arrived seven weeks early, unannounced. He kept you breathing in the incubator as I lovingly stroked your face and saw small, quiet tears roll down your daddy's face. He watched over us as we stepped into an empty nursery and fell to the floor in the immense sorrow of your absence. We loved you before we met you, and after you joyously appeared...well, we lived for you.

Today I pray the Lord continues to mold you with his delicate touch. That God would wrap his arms around you and impart in you the wisdom of his great mercy. I pray that He would perform miracles (like he has proven to do before) in your mind and bless your understanding and development. I pray that autism would be a fleeting word that we do not dwell on, that we would rise above and beyond the constraints of this world and focus our trust on Him. I lay you at the foot of the cross my babe. Every morning. It is there were we experience redemption from this life (and all it's ailments). You are the embodiment of beautiful my Bella. Congratulations for the huge strides you have taken in your short 2.5 years on this earth, thank you for ministering to me every day and teaching me more about our maker. I love you.

Mommy (or Mimi as you call me so perfectly now).

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