Wednesday, June 1, 2011


This is my love getting her EEG. They have been monitoring some of her behaviors (random laughing spells, odd prolong blinking, looking sideways in a daze). They want to rule out seizures. This truly broke my heart seeing her all strapped in with tons of wires but in all reality there was no pain involved praise God. Poor thing, she kept looking at me and saying "All Done" and "Ok" in a really sad manner with huge elephant tears. I wiped them away with kisses and praised God for her at that moment. I LOVE YOU BELLA GIRL!


Results will come soon...


  1. Just asked your dad how the results came out...surely you know by now?!?

  2. Jen, they want to do another one when she sleeps b/c the first was not conclusive and she's had a couple more episodes:(