Monday, September 19, 2011

How I wonder what you are...


The beauty of the sound of her voice resounds within my soul.  You see, she does say words but not often.  When we hear them, we rejoice.  Small victories produce huge rewards for our, at times, weary hearts.  I love you Bella.  I love you even when you don't speak.  I love you when you bang your head in frustration.  I love you when you bite your hands in anger.  I love you when you slap your face and are upset that I don't understand your needs.  I love when you grab my hand, without using words and guide me to get you something.  I love when you look into my eyes...for that, I know, is hard for you to do.  I love when you give us kisses.

I love you every second of every day.  I love that God loves you even more...

I especially love you when you sing to me...


  1. beautiful Annie. She's amazing.

  2. Annie and/or Josh-- my husband is about to be commissioned as a Navy Chaplain (next Monday!). Our first station will be to Japan. We have so many questions about the military life and PCS and don't know who to turn to. Could you please answer some questions for us? sahervey@hotmail (dot) com