Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Holiday House Hunters :)

Earls family updates.

We moved to CA a while back do you remember? I do.  We are still nestled (tightly) in our beautiful town home.   I want to give my brother John props for finding the place for us, it is gorgeous.... but, we want our own place so bad I can smell it taste it lick it... whatever.  Bella could use her own pad, that's what I'm saying:)

We have been on a major house hunt since we arrived.  It's been hard because we love the colonial style of homes (Virginia rubbed off on us big time).  Where we live now, the oldest home is a couple decades old so we are really looking for a "diamond in the rough"... a SoCal house with with character (that doesn't cost a small fortune).  We have an offer on the table (after pulling out of our first long short sale offer.   The home we want has some character and meets all of our requirements.  If this offer does not pan out, we are back to square one (deep, sigh).  I firmly believe there is a house out there that is perfect for our needs (as well as the needs of our unique little lady, Bella).   The truth is, when you have a child with autism, your home is your sanctuary.  It's the place that is safe, familiar, and autism proof ;)  Our biggest need for our future home is a good back yard for Bella to live play in and a therapy room down stairs.   Time will tell with the house hunt:)  God knows what we need so I will leave it up to him!  :)

School and therapy are both going well for our little girl.  She's trying to use more words and still working on her frustration levels.  I pray daily for her to grow in patience and wisdom.  She's such a joy and so smart... I love her so much I could just squeezer her little face off... that's weird? Yes, it is.

Christmas came and went so fast I can barely remember it!  What I do remember is that being around family is wonderful.  Here are some highlights:

***Update: we got the house!  The Earls are in escrow:)

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