Saturday, March 24, 2012

I want to punch this deployment in the face...

Preparing for the departure of your military spouse is tough.

How do you prepare for half of your family to be away for 7-10 months?

Well, at the Earls house we've been ensuring all of our bills are on auto-pay so I (Annie) don't have to worry about funds.  We've (or Josh) has been redoing all of the "little things" in the new house that could become an obstacle for a single mom with her little one (pictures of his work to come).  We have also been trying to spend time together as a family without discussing the impending departure.  Last night, we finally "talked about it".  You can only push the thoughts of the departure out so far until, well... he has to leave.

Last night Josh was getting dressed in his military uniform to go say farewell to some guys who were heading to Afghanistan ahead of him.  He was talking about something completely random and I looked at his face and his clothes and my heart broke.   My face went blank, and my eyes started to tear up.    Josh saw my blank countenance and said, "What's wrong?".... once he said that, there was no stopping them....tears.

I suddenly remembered all of the emotions  I had been pushing in so deeply in my soul and let them go.  The thing is, I know we will be ok.  We have family and friends surrounding us and a tender heavenly Father.  It's just a really long time to be away from someone you love, thats all.  It's a long time for Bella to not get to kiss her daddy goodnight:(  I actually feel pretty good that this is first ugly cry I've had thus far;)

I feel better today.  I am focusing on the fun time we are going to have this weekend/week thanks to some sweet babysitters (Jess/Neille).   I am also thankful for my friend Kori who is coming to stay with me and Bella for a few months to keep us company, love that girl.   The count down is on, and I'm ready to get this party started.  In a weird way, I just want him to leave so he can hurry up and come back you know?

Is it ok to say, "I want to punch this deployment in the face"?  After reading Hunger Games, I feel like I can say that?


  1. oh friend I will be praying. Here are two other blogs I read, they are super crafty people so I don't know if you'll like that but both started their blogs as somewhere to go while their men were on deployment :)


    they are my favorites to read...besides yours of course :)

  2. Thanks girl! I love reading blogs...I feel like a big snoop...