Monday, April 30, 2012



What does that word mean?

Why do I love it so much now?

It's the word Bella just said.

Back-up a second.  Bella rarely uses words (spontaneously that is).  If I physically pull her towards me, put my face in front of her and proclaim loudly, "Bella, say... " she will typically say some version of the word I just uttered.  Typically, when repeating a word, it sounds like she's yelling at you:)  If you've ever heard her say "goodbye" it's quite funny how loud and forceful her "bu-bye's" are... I love them though.

When Bella wants something she will usually try to get it herself...get frustrated....and come to me and pull me to the item. Once she pulls me to the general "area" where the item is...she walks away (as though I can read her mind).  This month, she started pulling me to the item and then, when prompted, would say the word.  This week, she has said 3-4 spontaneous, meaningful words.  By spontaneous and meaningful, I mean she actually said a word without me forcing her to do so.... and it meant something... not just a random word.  Oh the sweet utterings of my child.  I have longed for them since I first laid eyes on her.  I have dreamed of the day that she would pull me in for a longing hug and explain, in detail, all the reasons she loves me.  Today though, the word Pestle...meant more to me than any of that.

She came up to me, locked her sweet blue eyes with mine and said it.  Pestle.  I looked at her and wanted desperately to be able to understand what she was saying.... she means something...  come on Annie, think hard.  If she says a meaningful word, I am to reward her immediately.  I franticly racked my brains, then looked at her and said, "what do you want?".... she said it again... and maintained eye contact the whole time.  I finally figured it out....

She wanted her favorite Pretzels.

My heart exploded with love for her sweet face and mouth... her sweet word.  Pestle.  I ran to get it from the cupboard and brought them to her with such excitement.  She was proud of herself and so was I!  Please remember to love every word that your child utters friends... they are miracles.

Bella & Cousin Hannah


  1. I love it!!! Pestle! So adorable... It's funny you say her "bu-byes" are loud and forceful because Christina's are the same. I'll say "bye Tina" and she yells as loud as she can..."BYE!!!!!"

  2. We sure do miss you guys! Kennedy loves to see pictures of Bella. When she see's you she always says, "that's Bella's Mommy!"

  3. Cute hairstyle Bella! Lynette