Saturday, June 2, 2012

On missing you...


We see each other's faces from time to time and hear each other's voices but, I miss YOU.  I want you to know that your absence is felt constantly in this home. Sometimes I spray your cologne around the house and sleep in your t-shirts just to remember what it's like to "have you around" ;)  Bella puts on your shoes and walks around in them.... and I have to be careful when I use the word "daddy" because she'll be inclined to run to the door to see if you were coming home.  We pray for you every night when we go to bed, Bella and I.  We pray for your safety, then we pray for Bella's development  She knows the prayer and sometimes says "amen".  

If Bella could tell you the same, she would.  Until then, be strengthened with the knowledge that two girls in the USA wish you were home.  Thank you for giving us a home to sleep in and providing for us daily through your sacrificial love.

That's all.

Such is life deployed.

All our love,

Annie & Bella

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