Thursday, June 13, 2013

Time is Precious

Psalm 90:12 "Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom"

Time is precious. Time is fleeting.

Some days time feels terribly slow as it creeps by in the dullest of moments.  Some days time is frightfully quick, causing us to wonder how we arrived at that very moment we happen to be in..... I've decided that time, for our Bella, is a splendid thing.

It may seem meaningless to write about time, but I truly cherish the "ticking of the clock".  It is a constant reminder of my lack of control.  I do wish some days that I could slow the clock's ticking so that Bella could have "more moments" to get caught up in life and development.  Every day that passes is a good day for her because she acquires knowledge....but oh how they pass so quickly.  Every night when we pray for her little brain to catch up, I am reminded of the limits of this life and the lack of control we possess to help our girl develop (as God is the ultimate keeper of time).  As I read Psalm 90:12, I quickly became thankful for the way Bella reminds me to number not only her days, but also my own.  To count them as precious.  To ask for a heart of wisdom to be her, to be her guardians (after-all, God chose us for her).

This month, time caught up with us and Bella graduated from preschool.  A snippet of her life I will forever cherish.  She has come a long way from this little girl:

She is growing in grace, patience, and wisdom. She speaks in short sentences and rarely experience tantrums like the one above.  She likes to dress like a princess, wear high heels, dance when her favorite songs come on, and makes us laugh out loud daily--to God be the glory:

Two proud parents!

I mean the cuteness factor....I can't take it!
Number your days friends...  We waste so much time that could be spent loving and cherishing moments:)


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