Sunday, May 24, 2009

Beginning of Week 2

Ok, first to explain the picture below. We just got our uniforms this past Saturday and we have been wearing them for about 2 days now. As you can see I still look a bit sluggish in the Khaki uniform but I am getting it together. Also the picture was taken with the camera on my phone so the quality is bad.
Now on to my weekend. Well thank God for national holidays. Since it is memorial day on Monday our Senior Chief and all the staff wanted the weekend off, so even though it was our first weekend here we got three days off to our selves. When I say three days off don't misunderstand me and think that I am roaming around Newport at my own free will. We are allowed to go to three buildings on the base and we are to be studying for an exam that we have coming up on Wed. of this upcoming week. Apparently 80% of the students who come through ODS fail it the first time so who knows how it will go.
I went to church this morning on base, I actually went to mass with some Catholic chaplains and then stayed for the Protestant service as well. The preaching wasn't the best but it was a great feeling to be amongst a body of believers worshiping our God and King. During the service I really felt, through the Holy Spirit, that I was united with the body of Christ. I know that while I was worshiping in Newport, RI my wife was lifting her heart in Grand Rapids, MI, my friends were doing the same in Lynchburg, VA, and my parents were worshiping in Merced, CA. I know that no matter where the Lord takes me, even if it is away from my loving family for a short time, that we will always be united through Christ. He will be the true bond that holds us all together, and in Him we will all have a common heart and passion.
I thank you for your prayers as I have been going through the first part of the chaplaincy process. The days are long and I don't like being away from my wife and daughter, but hearts and lives are on the line: may God grant us strength to gather His crop.

God Bless
Joshua Earls

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  1. Josh,

    We love you very much son. We are keeping you in prayer throughout the day, each day. Keep focused on establishing a strong foundation in the Lord & your studies during these weeks at RI. It's the preparation for all you will be accomplishing in your Navy service (and beyond).