Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Navy bearing

So one thing that the Chiefs keep yelling at us about is keeping our military bearing. For those of you who have no idea what that means, it is the idea that while in uniform you should especially conduct yourselves as Naval officers, no joking around, loud talking, talking in formation, wearing your uniform however you want, and so on. At first the constant reminding of my Navy bearing was a little annoying but I am beginning to see the necessity for it. As a Chaplain I will need to be a person who is approachable and easily talked too, but I also need to understand and keep military bearing in order to show that I am a Naval officer. I think that if I can keep those two in equal balance I might, by God's grace have a chance at being a good chaplain.

I also noticed that I haven't put down what a normal day is for me at ODS (officer development school), so here it is.
1) Reveille (wake up) at 0415
2) On the line (outside my door in PT gear) at 0445
3) March out to the PT field by 0500
4) PT for about 45 minuted and then on to chow at 0600
5) Chow last 15 minutes (no talking, of course) and then back to the house (our rooms)
6) Class starts at 0730 or 0800 depending on what day. (classes consist of military law, officer regulations, officer misconduct, ranks and structure, Naval warfare, and so on)
7) We will stay in class until chow at 1100
8) We might go back to class for the rest of the day at 1200 or we might have other things that must be done, like today we are all going to medical and getting 9, yes 9immunization shots
9) Back to the house around 1630 or 1700 and quickly get ready for chow
10) Chow at 1700 (again 15 minutes, no talking please)
11) 1730 back to the house to have LCPO time. This is time with our company Senior Chief. He will show us how uniforms are properly worn, or how marching is properly done, and a whole lot of other things.
12) By 2100 I am in bed, after I have snuck in a phone call to my wife (no cell phones allowed during the week) *Oh yeah no sleep, or interrupted sleep if you have duty. I had duty last night from 2345 to 245*

And that is a day in the life of LTJG Josh Earls Chaplain at ODS.

God Bless
Joshua Earls


  1. Sounds like a fun day! Have you seen Richard Gere yet?

  2. Joe,

    No I have no seen Richard Gere yet but we have our white's inspection on Wed. so maybe he will be the one doing the inspection.