Saturday, May 29, 2010

WOW! this is hard, but WOW! this is great

So I have been out to sea for a little over a week now and its going pretty good. Its a very strange feeling because all the days seem to fly by but the weeks seem to creep along and never come to an end. I think it is because the days go by fast but all the days are basically the same, so even though one 24hr Ground Hog day goes by fast you still have 10,000 more right behind it.
I love technology and being able to see Bella laugh at watching my video and seeing her smile as she throws that ball around. Sometimes I just close my eyes for a few minutes and imagine that I am back at home and she is sitting on the couch with me and she is falling asleep on my lap. Then I wake up and realize I've got a little while before that happens again so lets not daydream too much because it hurts to wake up.
In this first week I have counseled numerous sailors who are convinced that this deployment is going to be too much for them and that they are going to go insane. I have counseled 5 sailors who get WAY too angry over nothing and then make their work environments a living hell for everyone around them. I have also been around multiple sailors who act as if its their life's goal to say G.D. around me as much as possible. Its as if they are trying to show me how BAD they are, I feel as if I am in highschool and people are starring me down in the hallway. Unfortunately, and providentially, I also have had to deal with being with a sailor as he finds out that his 2 month old baby boy has just died back home. All these things have been tremendously draining. I mean I knew it was going to be difficult but WOW! this is hard.
On the flip side I have also had the chance to talk to at least 12 sailors about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The desire to know, and the heart to know about Christ is great. It is such a privilege to be able to care for these sailors, to love them, but then to vocalize the Gospel to them and tell them that the only way I can love them and care for them is through and in the Gospel. Oh God most definitely has a plan for me being here right now and I am so glad that he has given me a wife, and both families that will support and pray for me along the way.
Annie, you are such an amazing wife. You have given me so much support and you are a constant reminder of the grace of God in my life.
I love you! I love you too Bells!!!!


  1. Joshua-it is so neat to be able to 'hear' what you are experiencing. Please tell your guys & gals there are a lot of us praying for the entire USS Winston S. Churchill crew & we love you all for what you are sacrificing for us! We are so proud of you all AND we will try to make you all proud of us on this side too by our love and our support! Hang in there! You guys rock! Love you!

  2. WOW....what a mission field you are on. We are praying for you guys every day. Love you! ---The Heidts