Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Most Excellent Adventure...

Well friends...

It is time for one big crazy trip (and it has nothing to do with drugs). Yes, we are about to embark on a "most excellent adventure" (Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure referenced here). Tomorrow we will load up the Xterra and "try" to drive straight through to Grand Rapids, MI (well Hudsonville to be precise). If you've ever tried traveling with a toddler you understand the word "try"--worst case scenario would be a huge "blow out" (Joe Gahagan should understand what that is, he was with us last time this happened), vomiting, or full melt-down---best case would entail---14 hours of pure tranquil bliss (this would mostly be due to Tinkerbell DVD's and an amazing mother-in-law-Carol). So, I am thinking positive and hoping for a one day road trip. Oh, and be sure to add into this scenario a little bit of tonsillitis--not sure how it fits but, that's what I have right now;) Awesome right!?

Many of you keep asking what our schedule is while Josh is gone and all I can say is that it's busy and full of family and friends (just the way I like it). Once I leave Norfolk, I shouldn't be back until before Josh returns in December. I will head up to Michigan tomorrow and be there until June 16th. We will then fly to SanFran and head straight to Josh's family in Merced, CA. I will then head down to SoCal to meet my mom and dad (and siblings) and be around that area until mid July (I'll be sure to call all my old buddies too). Then we'll head back up to Merced for a while to get some good "Earls" time and then back to Michigan until December. Whew--I got tired just writing that:) Lots of traveling but, totally worth it. I'm especially excited to see family and friends who I rarely get to hang out with!!! Bella is excited too--even though she has no idea what's about to happen:)

Life as a nomad is actually quite nice. I'm hoping to actually become homeless at some point and live out of my car. Then Bella and I can write music and play for money. Ok, that's not true but how funny would that be? Bella could make some good money as a singer. We'll have to wait until she learns more words though because right now her song would go like this, "Leedle, deedle, peese, babba, no", which I know seems pretty catchy:)

We have talked to Josh a few times and he is doing amazing. He gets to be on land in the near future and cannot wait to spread his legs. The boy has not traveled outside the U.S. at ALL so it will be a great experience for him. We love you daddy.

Annie and Bells


  1. We will miss you! Have a great visit but remember you have friends in Virginia waiting to see your smiling face again!

  2. Happy travels! I hope you get it done in a day!! Can't wait to see you guys! Bells and Violet are going to have so much fun!!

  3. also....i love the pic of you and look smokin hot ;)

  4. My gosh Annie!! You're amazing- you're handling things sooo well. I would be a disaster. If you need a pit stop/place to stay in SF, let me know!! I think Sophie & Bella could have a good time...