Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Bella and her giggles....

This one's for Josh:)


  1. Joshua and Annie, I have spent the last several hours reading through your blog. I am currently in seminary and have been seriously praying and considering the Chaplaincy in the Navy. I have always had an interest in the Navy and know that I'm called to ministry. Josh, reading through your posts has given me a new perspective on the difficulty of ministering to sailors. Annie, I am not married and cannot pretend to know the difficulties you face but again, your posts have reminded me of the impact my career choice will have on my family.

    You are both in my prayers and have my deepest respects. Josh, I am praying for you as you seek to know your 'flock' better and share the magnificent love of Christ with them. Annie, my prayers are with you as you raise your daughter and serve as a source of encouragement for your husband. May God bless you both and continue to strengthen you as you seek His face.

  2. Oh Bella! We miss your face and your giggles.

  3. Thanks Brian and God bless you!

    We miss you too Lindsay!