Tuesday, July 6, 2010

California Girls--Theme Park Junkies

Hello Blog Stalkers.

First, let me me apologize for the amount of time that has past since our last blog. You see, nomads (aka people with no home), travel vast amounts of the time. We are unable to stay in places for long periods of time (because either: we are on the run from the government or our husbands are deployed) thus, we do not write. We are not on the run from the government--yet. We are still separated from Josh so ...we keep moving to solve the issue of loneliness. Yes, nomadic living sums it up! We have been in Hudsonville, Michigan, Merced, CA, Murrieta, CA, Oceanside, CA, and now we are in Redondo Beach, CA.

I am thankful for these travels. They keep my mind active, my heart whole and my baby on her toes. We have enjoyed every second of time with family, as well as time with old and very dear friends. When I feel worn out from travels (which happens when you have an almost 2 year old), I just go into a room alone and imagine being by myself for more than a day. I then realize, I want to be busy...I want to be with friends and family! Time moves fast some days and very slow others. When I see my brother with his daughter, I want just melt. Mostly because it reminds me of the love between a father and his daughter. The way he looks at her and wipes her tears leaves my heart with a little ache. This ache doesn't come from jealousy or envy--it's in regret for Bella. She has such a great father who she can only see on video. When she watches Josh...sometimes I think she will burst through the TV in happiness. When I watch...I just think about how many months we have to wait to see him :(

Alas, time is time and we've got a ways to go so we hit up theme parks!!! Yes, when my parents came down to southern California, we went to the Wild Animal Park and Disneyland. Bella loved both parks and I enjoyed watching her do so! At Disney she rode, Pirate's of the Caribbean, Dumbo, and It's a Small World. I think the girl's a junky now. If she could only be so great at waiting in long lines. Really, it's like I'm torturing her when we wait in line. I look around and see all of these children holding hands so quietly waiting, and my daughter is climbing up my face! :) I don't know where she gets her wildness! (wink). We have also spent lots of time at the beach and at pools swimming with cousin Hannah. She loves the water. I love her.

Josh is doing amazing. He hasn't updated the blog lately because he's either been busy or communication is shoddy. He has had amazing ministry opportunities thus far and I can only imagine many more on the way. He has switched ships for a few months and currently has his own room -- which is great for him. He said the seas have been terribly rocky and that he has to brace himself all night so that he doesn't fall off his bed. He is in great spirits but misses his little girl terribly.

P.S. I miss SoCal---the mexican food here is to DIE for! Ok, I wouldn't die for it but, I would suffer greatly. We are staying at the Heidts and we hope to see Auntee Jen again before heading back up to central California soon....



  1. We miss you! Come home soon! Glad you are having fun there but we sure do miss you. Bella is going to be grown by the time you get back.

  2. We miss you guys too, glad to hear you are staying busy and enjoying your time with family!