Friday, August 20, 2010

The blondness of it all…

This post is dedicated to my husband who finds great enjoyment in my occasional blonde thought patterns:) If you know me well, you have probably already concluded that do not embarrass easily. I find GREAT enjoyment in life's silly moments. In fact, I have recently tested out one of my most favorite antics on family members. You may be embarrassed to even read this but you should totally try it….and yes, I am still 14!

WARNING: You may lose friends doing this...

It goes a little something like this.... When someone bends down to pick something up, make a farting noise (sorry toot) with your mouth as they come back up. Yes, you read it right. Are you turning red??? I apologize, but it is my gift friends, I never received the "embarrassment gene" dad's fault I'm sure of it.

On another note, I have compiled a list of "blonde moments' (as I call them). They are spoken statements that one cannot take back that either make no sense, or cause others to look at you in amazement at the blondness of it all. Let us begin…

Annie's List of Shame:
1. Look at that huge windmill, that's great that they are using solar power! (Clearly wind mills use wind power)
2. After Josh has just explained some long and serious theological idea…I interrupt, "Honey, did you see that cow, I think it was pooping…Josh rolls eyes…no really look at that?"
3. So what ever happened with the Revolution, did we win?
4. As my cat is sitting on a radiator (used to heat the house)---"Honey, get the cat off the radiator, it will get radiation poisoning!"
5. Annie asking for a spoon from a male co-worker at a work lunch, "Excuse me, can you spoon me please"
6. Annie (who was a DJ at her college radio station) playing the "lets rhyme words game" over the air…. I won't say the word but I ended using a HUGE curse word. Not a mild one either… a big fat one:(
7. When Josh and I got engaged I was so excited that I swung my purse into an area that will not be named.

Well, that is my short list. There are many more to come I'm sure. If one could only get a glimpse into my mind they would find themselves lost and very scared:)

Annie (still the chaplain's wife)


  1. you're awesome annie. seriously. i miss you friend! niki

  2. ummm.. i love you! i love love love you!! And miss you! Josh is so lucky to have you keep him on his toes and get his brains out of the theology clouds ;)