Wednesday, September 29, 2010

It all started when I was dreaming of cheez-its and chili-cheese fries...

BEFORE READING: This story includes such topics as…poop, pee, razors, blood, power cords, nakedness…. What do you expect?

Well, it all started at 4am this morning when I was sound asleep, dreaming of cheez-its and chili-cheese fries. Suddenly, I was woken from DEEP BEAUTY REST (I'm turning 30 in Dec. so I need this type of sleep) by the "sweet" sounds of my Bella. I thought I was dreaming of course... I must be dreaming…it's 4am? Who gets up at that ungodly hour of night? I brought the little bundle of joy into my bed in a desperate attempt to coax her into realizing she (and I) was way too tired to run around and play with power cords, 15lb. weights and deadly sharp things lying around.

After about two hours of trying to get her to sleep, I gave in. Let her run up the stairs (where she fell on her face and was bleeding from the mouth)…!!! This is the part where we woke up the entire neighborhood. Bella reached a pitch that only dogs could hear...

After a half hour of crying from that spill we did the only thing that could heal this wound, watched Madagascar of course. FInally, at 8am it was time for our first nap. I put Bella down, took a shower, and when she woke up I came in to find her leg (which is on the perfectly chunky side) stuck (and purple from lack of blood flow) in the crib bars. I went to pull her out and realized she was stuck….then I realized her butt was bare and that my hand was full of poop. Yep, poop everywhere, leg stuck….baby screaming. I finally got her little sausage leg out, ran up stairs with poop all over my freshly showered body….when, I got peed on…. At this point, I needed to find a happy place. I put a bunch of toys in the tub, but the only one that Bella wanted was the razor she had grabbed when I turned around….

To reward Bella for this amazing feat of wildness, I took her to the Children's Museum… I was actually laughing by the end of it all. You see it's days like this that make me really feel like a legit mom. After all, if I don't clean poop and pee off of my body now and then, I may not really be experiencing motherhood to its fullest capacity.

Now, I'm looking at the clock and thinking, it's only 2:00…are you kidding me? So, this is a little glimpse for you daddy….I know you miss all of this… you would give anything to get peed on (I mean that too). You miss her in every way and I would too if I were you…she's the greatest! She makes me laugh everyday. She makes me love her more in everything she does.
Some days are not as fun as this one. I love my little munchkin, even at 4am, with a razor, a leg stuck in a crib, a bleeding mouth, with poop and pee all over me….. Yes, I love her endlessly. She's my sweetness.

I've included a "happy place" song that I play when I need to find one…..


  1. Amazing Ann! I feel like you need to write a book of your life as a mom/chaplain wife/friend/wonder woman!

  2. You are an amazing mom!

    And...your "happy place" song I had playing when I walked down the aisle to marry my handsome prince :) Brings tears to my eyes.