Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Signs that you are ready for you husband to come home...

It's official, Bella and I are alone.

After six months of family filled traveling, we have reached our final destination...home (happy sigh). Yes, we have arrived here in Nofolk and Bella and I couldn't be happier. She for sure misses her Nanny(s) & Poppa(s) but, overall she's excited to be here. When we walked in the door, at first, she whimpered a little bit...she was confused. After all, she has changed houses every few months for a long time. But, after about an hour...she was running through the house laughing. She found all of her old toys and was buys stacking, sorting, and generally demolishing (as per usual). I was happy to see her happy. Josh's mom was with us for this last leg (which was only fitting as she was there for the first leg). I feel like we completed a marathon. Carol, you are amazing. Thank you for all of the traveling you did with us and for the support you gave us! We love you.

I have a countdown going in my head for the return of my husband. Although I can't give you the exact date, I can say it's less than a month away. I actually thought about him coming home yesterday. I let myself picture us together as a family (which I have not let myself do in a long time) and it was a good feeling. I hate thinking about him coming home because there's still some time to conquer but, let me tell you... the time is coming friends. I will be one happy military wife. Holding my husband will be the greatest Christmas gift I've ever received (besides Christ of course).

Now that we are home and actually ALONE (which is the weirdest feeling ever), I have had this obsessive urge to redecorate our house...yes, something is seriously wrong with me. I've mostly been obsessed with spray paint (not inhaling it of course) but recoloring old frames and what not. Carol and I also used the sewing machine (which has NEVER been used since it's purchase). Here are a few of my "I miss my husband... let me focus on something else" creations:)

Included below (from last to first): 1-Recovered pillows (from old colors I couldn't use to these fun ones) 2- re-purposed frame from cheesy generic picture of a flower to this awesome pattern using card stock 3-spray painted frames and letter (which appears backwards b/c of my Mac) with some fun card stock in frame 4- Awesome $2 plate with one of my favorite vases 5- Home made fabric necklace

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  1. way to go crafty lady! we will keep you busy until he returns.