Thursday, November 25, 2010



**This is a picture of Josh's fleet (who have now turned for home)...I'm thankful for that!

I know it doesn't feel like Thanksgiving on that ship, not in the same way as it would have if you were with us but, you should know, it doesn't feel like Thanksgiving here either (without you). I'm am currently sitting next to your dream girl-- miss Bella-boo. She's making sheep noises and has peanut butter all over her face. Wish you could see her! I just wanted to thank you for many things. Notably Bella. I adore her because she's a product of us. She is sassy & sweet equally (like her daddy of course) and I love that! I want to thank God for blessing our family. He brought you and me together, gave us a child, blessed us with loving families and friends. He has given us health and joy. He gave us his Son. What more could we be thankful for?

So, when days get tough as you have now turned for home, remember all of the things to be thankful for. I love you.

Other things I'm thankful for besides the most important above (God, hubby, baby, parents & inlaws, siblings)...
Hot baths
Christmas music
The 80's (not the 70's)
The ocean
My Xterra
My college friends
(and all of my friends in general)
The Twilight saga
Harry Potter
John Piper
Live music of any kind...
The fall
I'm thankful that I don't own any pets (but that I can visit them at the pet store and look at their cuteness...then not have to take care of them) **Shout out to Spurgeon & Bunny (my cats I had to give up for the military life--miss you furry demons, no really I do, you are in my dreams sometimes)
Reality TV
God's grace & mercy
George W. Bush
Awkward moments (they make me laugh, and I love them)
Madagascar (Bella's life would not be the same without these movies)
The video Josh made for Bella (I love watching her talk to him, and laugh with him on the screen)
Diet Coke (I'm taking a break from you but I still love you)
The guy who offered to pick up my leaves
The Johnson's for inviting us over for Thanksgiving!

...I'm sure there are many more things I'm thankful for but Bella is trying to take her diaper to go.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone:)


  1. We loved having you all! We would have loved it even more with Josh but you guys are super fun still!!

  2. I LOVE that picture of the navy. You need to frame that.