Sunday, December 19, 2010

Home part deux...

Hey chaps. Guess what? We are MORE excited than you are to have you back! Yep!

Oh, and don't think I didn't notice how you called me an "old woman" in the last post. Yes, I'm a cougar. But, you like it!

We are excited for....
1. Endless snuggle time. Yes, like pretzels. Not salty pretzels though... one's dipped in cheese (of course)
2. I don't have to take the trash out EVERYDAY (ugh, barf, yuck)
3. When the toilet seat breaks, it won't be sitting there with a sign that says...."I'm broken, don't sit on me" will be fixed.
4. Unloading groceries in the rain with a child running down the street screaming and darting towards cars --- well, that won't'll help!
5. Bella gets her daddy back. She talks to you on the video but, it's not the same
6. If I need to "run to the store", I can leave you with your girl... and I can go.... alone.... in silence. I might just roam the isles of our local grocery stores just because I can. Maybe I can grow a mullet and hang out at Walmart for a while.
7. Car trips. So much easier with you...
8. Nap time (wink)
9. Having someone there with me when Bella goes to bed... to talk to, laugh with and, of course, snuggle with!
10. Someone to cook for who always loves my food:) Well, unless it's on fire.
11. Someone to pray with (like in person) :)
12. Someone to try to force into watching reality TV with:) Yes! I love forcing you b/c you think reality TV is annoying but then you end up getting teary eyed. Don't lie, you know it's true.
13. Someone who quizzes me on history fun facts throughout the day and keeps a running point tally (not sure what I will win but I have a lot of points)
14. Someone who teaches me godliness.
15. It will be nice to go places with arm candy.
16. Well, you are the love of my life so it will be nice to see your face and smell your smell!
17. When I click the wrong button on the remote, I won't spend two hours trying to correct my mistake. Dang remotes.
18. When I run into the walls, someone to make fun of me.
19. When I cry, someone to hold me.
20. When I'm sick.. someone to let me sleep who can take care of our girl... instead of our girl running wild and breaking things... while I vomit alone in the bathroom. That was a fun day.
21. Someone to be with me through our journey with Bella. Tough news is tougher without you.

So, there's a few reasons why I'm literally bouncing off the walls with excitement right now. When I go to sleep tonight, I will wake up knowing you are coming back to me. Our family will be complete.

See you tomorrow my dear!


  1. SO happy for you! :o) May God give him a safe journey home to you...