Monday, January 17, 2011

"I invented Post-its"....

...quote from "Romy and Michele's High School Reunion".... really bad movie that I loved in high school but totally don't recommend...

...well, the holidays are over. Oh, and it's official. We've both actually lost weight this Christmas!!! What?! Who does that? Christmas is the time for me to wear my extra "stretchy" jeans and I feel like it's ok to invoke the "unbutton your top button" rule when sitting at the dinner table during the holidays. Don't try to act like you don't do this people, I know I'm not the only one. The worst is when you forget to button it back up and your belly actually shows. Yes, it has happened. Luckily I don't embarrass easily. I'm not talking about weight to pat me on the back (believe me, I'm no toothpick). I actually was flabbergasted at the doctors today when I realized I weigh as much as I did when we got married. And Josh, well he's like almost at high school weight. Now he's a super, extra, hot chaplain...just saying. Yes, I know. Chaplain's wives should not speak like this but hey, he's my husband. He's hot. Don't judge. Your the one who wanted to read this so I blame you for my outburst ;) (wink).

Not sure if it was the anticipation of seeing my ultra slim/ripped hubby after seven months of being apart, or the stress of being a single mom with a newly diagnosed autistic girl.... or possibly the fact that we stayed home this Christmas (and didn't get the chance to be stuffed full of delicious and sinful sweets by the mom's). Either way, I cannot complain. The crazy part is that I haven't even been working out. I've been eating better. I'm eating what Bella eats (Gluten-free/Casein-free) as well as trying to follow the Paleo Plan (check out the recipes section). The Paleo Plan is actually naturally gluten (wheat) free and can be adjusted to be casein free (milk). I've found some other great recipes for Bella on a blog (just tried this one and loved it): It's a whole new life here at the Earls house now. If I'm not trying to find out what in the world has gluten in it, I'm making appointments with Early Learning teams and ABA specialists, or studying for my master's class. I feel like my mind is full of post-it notes. That's how I'm functioning because it's hard to keep everything straight these days!

Bella is making marked progress in her words this week. She said "block", "apple please", named off numerous animals without our prompting, and actually grabbed my hand to show me something today. Oh, and she's been super loving. I am happy. She's had her moments but I feel... in some small way... progress is being made. We meet with a therapist tomorrow to work on behavioral treatments. Just having these meetings gets me excited about her future.

On an annoying note: I totally threw my back out to the point where I could barely stand or walk this week so Josh has had to do EVERYTHING. I mean, not to get too detailed but today I couldn't sit on the toilet without his help. I have been prescribed tons of drugs and I have an MRI in the future. So, I have something to say about turning 30.... 30-- you are a mean age and you are totally making me feel like I'm 70!!! Life will move forward with our without this back issue so I'm going to think positive. Oh and muscle relaxers are amazing. Hoping not to get addicted. I have much stronger drugs that I have yet to try. I'm afraid I'll get loose from the house and roam the neighborhood drooling. Which would be so fun except for the child that I gave birth to who needs me coherent at all times. :)

Off to do more homework. Josh is asleep. He pulled the tired mom card on me (poor guy has to get up every night with Bella b/c I can't lift her right now). He's amazing. He deserves it!


  1. If you ever need to know about G-F stuff, my hubby has been since 7th grade, so I got the goods ;) Seriously though, I can pretty much modify any recipe :)

  2. you know... that little yellow paper with the stickum on the back?