Monday, January 31, 2011

My confessions...


1. I'm addicted to Chick-fil-A fries. I'm serious. Like, today I woke up and the first thing I thought about was fries (not my sweet husband laying next to me or my daughter in the other room... fries). They are waffle style, with just enough salt to make your mouth water. It doesn't help that they are gluten-free (because of this, we find ourselves getting them on the road often).

2. I'm also addicted to corn tortilla chips. This is a long addiction that has been hard to break. I break it, then a month later it's back. The chains are strong my friends. Heaven help me if there's queso in the room. Yikes.

3. I wore pajama's all day the other day (and into the next day). Yes, glamorous I know. If they had like a stay-at-home mom Vogue, you would not find me in it! The outfits that I wear around my house are atrocious. Just think 14 year old boy.

4. I watch the Kardashian's. I know, slap my hand. Please.

5. I reheat my coffee 5 times a day. I make a huge pot and as the goes on, my cups sit there and get cold as I chase my daughter around the house. It's just easier than making more.

6. I spy on my neighbors. I have names for them and I'm creepy.

7. I watch golf on TV. I love it! Blame it on my father. Then blame it on my husband.

8. I make excuses to go to Target. All sorts of them. The biggest excuse is, well.... Target probably carries it....I usually leave with everything but the thing I needed.

9. I don't get offended easily. I'm sorry, please try. It's really hard to offend me. I'm sure many of you try and have failed. The only way to offend me is to hurt someone I love. That is a whole different story.

10. My husband and I like taking drives. Like 80 year olds. Don't mock it until you try it people.

11. I LOVE the Naked Gun movies. I laugh way to hard.

12. I cried when the Crocodile Hunter died. So tragic. If I had to go, it would not be by a sting ray ... I want to die in an epic moment. Like falling off a cliff trying to save something-- of course succeeding;)

13. My daughter entertains me. She makes me laugh and cry and feel more love than I ever imagined.

14. I hate school but I love learning.

15. Sometimes I want to find my old cats that I gave away on Craigslist. Just to catch up and see if they feel bitterness towards me. Cats don't feel... but, I think mine did.

I'm sure you learned more about me here than you wanted and are now wondering why you even read this. You are bored, or curious or just in the mood for a little Earls fix. It's understandable. We are irresistible us Earls;) Next post will be all Bella therapy related so this one was for fun!

After a while Crocodile. Oh, ok... that just made me think of Steve Irwin. Dang sting rays.


  1. You can give away cats on Craigslist? Number 6 made me laugh!

  2. ALL of these make me laugh and slap my hand as well, Kardashians are a Sunday night staple. :)