Wednesday, February 2, 2011



So, it's time to brag on our parents. When I say "brag" I mean embarrass as well of course. Josh and I were driving the other day and decided in the car that we have the best parents in the ENTIRE world. Literally! I mean, I have spent more time with my mother-in-law than most do and I can say that when she leaves, I miss her! Yes, I love my mother-in-law. I get weird looks from my friends sometimes when I say things like that....but, it's true! Josh often asks me when we can visit my family again. He truly loves my parents and siblings... and I love his too! Ok, enough cheese ball...

More than you ever wanted to know about our parents...

Ricky (Annie's dad)-
1. He used to wear hot pink shorts and walk around the house doing wrestling poses. Then he'd make me do the "Hulk Hogan" for him. (Annie)
2. He would always tell me "lights and lock" every night -- like 10 times before I went to bed. Pretty sure it was a strategy used to spy on me and my company (which I'm sure we needed no doubt). He's slick like that... (Annie)
3. He told me he loved me when I got expelled from school. He said he'd never stop loving me and that made me love him more. (Annie)
4. He's the most awesome tour guide in the world. Seriously, he is. He can be in a city he's never been to and give you a full on historical tour....he could give tour guides tours of their own cities.... (Annie)
5. He was an awesome father. He worked like 3 jobs to make life comfortable for our family... and still had time to hang out with his wild daughters and son. (Annie)
6. He prefers to be called Slick Rick, Ricardo, or any other name that sounds awesome. (Annie)
7. He used to make me pull his "finger" at the dinner table. Kiki almost passed out with him. (Annie)
8. He's Godly and doesn't EVER talk bad about people. (Annie)
9. He's taught me to be confident in myself. (Annie)
10. He taught Annie to appreciate golf and that a husband should be able to play a round to relax. (Josh)
11. He gives me a different perspective on ministry and that coupled with the one I get from my dad has given me a leg up. (Josh)
12. He shows me what patient love is for one's family. (Josh)

Kiki (Annie's mom)-
1. She's the most forgiving person I know. (Annie)
2. She is the BEST person to make you feel better when you are sick. (Annie)
3. She was there the day Bella was born, and I couldn't have done it without her! (Annie)
4. She loved me through my "rough years" and always was on my side even when I didn't deserve it:) (Annie)
5. She has the most graceful spirit that I am sure anyone who knows her can see. She loves people endlessly and always finds the good in them. (Annie)
6. She is passionate about serving others which is evident in the way she serves at Alpha Women's Center. I hope to be as passionate in my work one day! (Annie)
7. She gets embarrassed easily and I love that because no one in our family has a "filter". I'm pretty sure she's lived 80% of her life being embarrassed by our "loud mouths". (Annie)
8. She is married to Ricky. She deserves an award (not because Ricky is hard to be married to but because she's "just perfect" for him). :) (Annie)
9. She loves my friends -- old and new.... she is the best at taking anyone into her house and making them want to come live there:) (Annie)
10. She loves Bella as much as I do... which is a lot! (Annie)
11. She cries when I cry:) She loves us so much. (Annie)
12. She goes by Kiki (Josh)
13. She always makes me feel like everything I do is soooo special (even though its not) (Josh)
14. She gave me my beautiful wife. (Josh)

1. She's a strong woman of God. (Annie)
2. She survived cancer and did it with grace and dignity. It changed her son's life and turned him to God -- look at him now! (Annie)
3. She has been a rock for Josh, Bella and I during this deployment-- we couldn't have done it without her! (Annie)
4. She can sleep like champion-- she has the spiritual gift of "sleep" I say... It's a gift that the Earls possess... (Annie)
5. She loves car trips---which is good because Rod loves to drive.... for a long time.... long... long... long... time. (Annie)
6. She is the one with the attitude and she lets my dad know when he has gone too far. (Josh)
7. No matter what, she will do whatever it takes to come see me, Annie, and Bella. (Josh)
8. She gives all of us kids a Christmas ornament every year (and the other year mine said favorite child!!!) (Josh)
9. She is a shining example of a Christian woman letting my dad lead our family and supporting us always. (Josh)
10. She never gave up on me, even when I was a terrible son. (Josh)
Thanks MOM I love you!

1. My dad shows me what a Christian man is. (Josh)
2. He would yell "rocket fire" when I would pitch in high school. (Josh)
3. Even though I was a terrible son to him for a while he was always calm, supportive, and loving towards me. (Josh)
4. Some how he has supper hearing when he goes to sleep, but when he is awake he can't hear anything. (Josh)
5. He would always play catch with me whenever I asked (thank God he never played basketball with me, he's not very good). (Josh)
6. Even though I am in the "same profession" as him he doesn't "preach" at me but always guides when he is asked. (Josh)
7. He is the hardest worker I've ever met, he puts so much passion into what he does--it's inspiring! (Annie)
8. He's a great example of Christ to EVERYONE he meets! (Annie)
9. He LOVES to eat cake. Yes, he will buy a whole sheet cake and pretty much eat the entire thing by himself. Yet still maintain his physique! (Annie)
10. He laughs at movies that his grandkids watch--- and they laugh too! He a great "Poppa" who loves to "wrestle"! (Annie)
11. He runs when he mows his lawn. No, I mean like sprints... to get an extra work out and mow faster---it's actually quite impressive! (Annie)
12. He LOVES buffets ... I mean, he will plan out a buffet meal so that he only has to eat once that day! Amazing planning skills (Annie)


  1. That is so nice...but did you post that while you were at Comm Group?

  2. ;0 ) No, the time is wrong ..... how funny!