Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Oompa Loompa doom-pa-dee-do...

It all started when I was born, I came out white as toilet paper. You can blame this on Kiki & Ricki equally. Both sides of my family have Irish genes. All of my siblings can tan, and have brown/hazel eyes. Me, well... white, freckles, blue eyes. My older siblings told me on many occasions that I was adopted. In fact, they told me my parents named me "Annie" because I was an orphan! Luckily, my parents told me that my freckles where "angel kisses" which made me feel extremely holy:)

Which leads me to yesterday. When I decided to get a spray tan. I used to "do tanning beds" in high school but, when you can smell your own skin burning, something doesn't feel right about that. Plus, I'm 30....I'm not trying to hurry along the wrinkles;) My husband often wonders (out loud) why I "try to be tan". He does not understand my desire to feel "sun-kissed"....probably because he's tan YEAR ROUND...grrrr! I can't complain, he's a hottie...but, when I stand next to him people must wonder where he found such a hot mess of white.

So, I walked into this scary room. Everything had a hint of orange to it in there....should have been my first red flag right? I stripped down to my unmentionables and she gave me two balls to hold in my palms...:) I was already FREEZING and she informed me that the spray was refrigerated. AHHHH! Then, it happened. I was spray tanning myself. The best and most hysterical part of it was she kept saying, your skin is rejecting it. Let me spray more... In my head I'm dying laughing at the thought that my skin not only rejects sun, but also fake sun.

I've only included a before and after picture of my top half (which looks fine except for orange).....I'll get some leg pictures for you soon (that's the best part).

All that to say, WE ARE GOING TO DISNEY WORLD TODAY! We are leaving our little one with her Nanny Earls (who we love) and taking off for 5 days. I cannot believe it'sa actually happening! After missing 3 anniversaries and being apart for 7 months.... I think we deserve it:) We got the park hopper pass and are staying in one of the Disney hotels (which has a tram that connects all of the parks). Oh, then we'll hit Islands of Adventure and check out the new Harry Potter area:) So excited. What kind of parents leave their child to go without them to Disney.....um, the Earls:) We love you Bella....(she's been to Disneyland don't worry)! Oh, and we get to see one of my college buds Kori who work for Disney:)

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