Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Where Dreams Come True:)

Deep sigh*

Hello bloggy friends. It has been a while since I last posted and for good reason....

Josh and I were in Orlando, Florida at Disney World! Yes, we are children at heart. We have been planning for years (and I mean three) to take a trip together in celebration of the three anniversaries we've spent apart:( This was it! We flew Nanny Earls out to hang out with Bells and took off. I make it sound as if it was easy to leave Bella, it was not. I did write out three pages of instructions, laid out outfits, anything to make sure Nanny had "resources".

Our trip started on Wednesday when we flew out. I have never left Bella for so long so walking through the airport without her was weird. It was also so quiet. We both read books, drank coffee....we felt so civilized. Like real people, not frazzled parents;) We got in before dinner, checked into Shades of Green (Disney has a resort that is for Dept. of Defense only...can't beat $70 a night and free Disney transportation)! We had dinner in Downtown Disney at the Rainforest Cafe and just hung out!

Thursday morning was cold and rainy, nevertheless we headed to Hollywood Studios (one of the four parks on our "park-hopper" pass). My friend Kori works there so she put us on the VIP for the shows and took us on all of the awesome rides they had. It was unfortunate that it was sooo stinkin' cold but luckily they had churros. You may wonder how coldness and churros correspond with one another.... they don't. I just love churros a LOT. Like I'm pretty sure I had seven in five days. Favorite ride at Hollywood was the Rock'n Roller-coaster. Totally dark, neon lights, Aerosmith....better than Space Mountain for sure. Oh and yes, I got pulled on stage for the Indiana Jones stunt show....and yes, as per usually made a fool of myself.

Friday was the Magic Kingdom. It was cold again:( No sun. Good thing I got a spray tan. My neck looked good at least. We road all of the good rides, even some of the kid ones.... my favorite: Peter Pan. We ate at Liberty Tree Tavern in the George Washington room because my husband is a history major:) We thought that a few of the rides were better at DisneyLAND (such as Pirates and Space Mountain). We had a great time though and finished up the day at Epcot. Best ride there was Test Track (a ride where you are supposed to be a crash test dummy). Food at Epcot was the best of all of the parks. Oh and we saw Cirque Du Soleil this night---wow!

Saturday we headed to the Animal Kingdom. I loved this park because of all of the animals, of course. Just because I gave my cats away on Craigslist, doesn't make me an animal hater I promise. Yes, I did it. But, they found a good family. Ok, back to the parks....They have some great rides at this park (Expedition Everest, Dinosaur... and the Safari).

We were looking forward to Sunday because we headed to Islands of Adventure which has lots of big coaster's. It also has....duh-duh-dahh (horns blowing).... The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. What? Don't judge. Yes, we have read the books, and own the movies. No, we are not 14. Any other questions? Thought so. This place was amazing. Totally felt like we were in Hogsmead/Hogwarts. My friend Kori came along with us (also an Potter fan)---we were like little school boys prancing about. Ok, school girls. Unfortunately, Josh's true colors came out .... I'm saddened to inform you all of this but, he's a Slytherin. Yes, it's true. We cannot be together, or so we were told by some of the wizards at the park.

Well, we ARE still together despite his "dark side" :)

We had dinner Sunday night at Epcot (in France) have to try the bakery in France as well--yummers.

Overall, AMAZING trip. We missed Bella so much it hurt. We were thankful for Carol who watched her, did therapy with her, and loved on her in our place. We are glad to be home and back to normalcy. By no means was this a "relaxing trip" but, it was excitingly rejuvenating for our souls:)

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