Saturday, February 26, 2011

Moving Confessions...

Moving boxes, packing paper, bleach ... oh my!:)

I do believe that we have become professional movers. The only proof of this is when you look in your mom's address book and your address has been crossed out five times. Yes, we have been married seven years and have moved six times:) I can't blame all of these moves on the military. It's our fault. We just love to move I guess (totally joking of course and just threw up in my mouth). We are moving this time for better school systems, better location, more room in the house, and to be closer to our church friends. So, it's worth it:) We are now in Virginia Beach in a beautiful home with tons of space, a play room for Bells, and a great backyard with a porch swing! I kinda feel like I'm living in someone else's house it's so nice:) I praise God for this place, it was made for us. Oh, we are just renting by the way, so we really are in someone else's house;)

Bella has taken to the new house like a trooper. She has learned to say "outside" because she loves the backyard so much:) This makes me happy! We've already locked ourselves out of the house one time (with Bella in the house)....hey, it's a great way to meet neighbors. We've also found Bella running naked around the house chewing on a razor. I want to explain this but it is so much more dramatic when I just leave it at that! (She's fine, razor top was on) :) Sometimes I think I'm overdramatic, ok I know I am.... but life is so much more fun like that (and so much funnier).

My husband lifted boxes as though he was Fabio when we moved in.... Yes, long hair blowing in the wind (wait, Josh doesn't have long hair)....carrying boxes with his fingertips. I'm not sure why I typed this because Fabio is not handsome, and my husband is....basically, I was saying he's like a moving pro, he can lift ten boxes with ten fingers and also find time to look cute. I wonder if my husband ever reads this blog and wonders what happened to it? Remember when Josh used to post, yes... the Chaplain! I'll have to pressure him to post by typing this:) He's got such amazing things to say... more interesting than Fabio, I assure you:) Me, well.... my mind is full of garbage:) Good garbage of course and you come here and read it so it's your fault!

Prayer: We took Bella to the doctor and they are referring us back to the neurologist to check on some "rolling of the eyes" and "spontaneous laughing"-- I know this sounds really random but they want to do an EEG to make sure she's not experiencing mini seizures. Sometimes when I leave the doctors, I feel defeated but I am glad the doctors are so careful with my heart, my Bells. Hoping this is nothing and just extra careful precaution on the doctor's part.

Until I get our house unpacked, I will leave you with a few good unpacking tunes (from Josh's playlist and mine):

Josh's (Arcade Fire):

Mine (Sia) *has more good songs beyond this one of course:


  1. I have to admit I love your sense of humor and your faith! Some of your post just make me giggle! I have to admit 6 moves is a lot, however it is exciting to move closer to your support systems.

    I also have to say that your strength and commitment to your daughter is amazing! It is so wonderful to read about the ways you try to improve her life daily and what all you all have been through just to get her to say outside. I hope and pray for many more successes! ~Kristy

  2. have you noticed?? I roll my eyes, a lot. I don't even notice it. Strange (okay-normal to me:) feature about me. But, glad they are looking into it. And, I would totally have had a ball joking about the Bells in the house incident.

  3. Did she have her EEG yet? Any questions about it, you know who to contact! :) Hope you are all well!