Sunday, June 19, 2011

Words cannot express...

Have I ever told you a the story of a boy named Josh?

Yes, he was a boy once. Half Texan, half Californian. Far too dark skinned to be a white boy for sure. Got into trouble in his "wonder years" and traveled around America to find himself. What did he find? Well, lots of things... but the most important was God. Oh, and he also found me.... chased me down the halls of Liberty University, and for that....I thank him!

That was a short story huh?! I had to make it short because I could fill a book telling you of the ways he moves me. One thing you must know is that Josh's heart is torn between me and the real love of his life, Bella. When we prayed for the Lord to grant us a child I knew that we had something huge in store for us. In fact, I think I've always known that God was not going to settle for "normal" or "easy" on our journey in life. I guess what I'm saying is, I'm thankful for Josh. He's literally a solid rock of a man in every capacity.

The day he became a father was so sweet in my memory. He yearned to meet his daughter and would often kiss my tummy and whisper sweet nothings to his precious child inside of me. The day Bella arrived was hard and scary but, completely wonderful. Hard because she was far too early to be born, scary because of the unknown, the cords, the tubes... and wonderful because she was a miracle in every way. The second she came into this world I saw a change in Josh. He became complete. Bella filled his heart to the brim. From that day on, Josh has exemplified godly fatherhood. He begs to put her to bed at night, and loves to spend "daddy and Bella time" with her. My favorite thing is when he reads to her or prays with her, tears fill his precious eyes:) It's an outpouring of love for her and I cherish the thought of it.

Josh, we love you more than mere words can utter. You are perfection and we hope to spend the rest of our lives proving that to you!

Annie & Bella-boo

P.S. Poppa Ricky and Poppa Earls, we love you both and we are who we are today because of your amazing fatherly wisdom! Oh, and you are the best Poppa's Bella could ask for!


  1. Would you be willing to email a new navy chaplains wife? We just got selected and I have a few questions (and don't know any navy chaplain wives yet). We're still waiting to hear where we're going but I'd love to have an email chat and ask questions! twigjoannasargentatyahoodotcom

    Thanks! joanna

  2. Joanna,

    Yes, I'll shoot you an email today. Being a chaplain's wife is awesome, you will love it:)

    Annie Earls