Friday, July 1, 2011

I wish I was a little bit taller, I wish I was a baller, I wish.....I was a colonial?

It has come to my attention that we visit Colonial Williamsburg terribly often.

When someone joked today that we are always going there, it made me think? Maybe we are some sort of colonial "wanna-be's"? After all, we don't own any period clothing or hats (although I wish we did so I could wear them and sleep in them and grocery shop in them and... ok this is getting weird). Shouldn't all good Americans want to visit historical sites? What? I find this completely non-nerdy and you should too (if you are a true American).

We went today because we are celebrating the July 4th weekend. Hello people, our nations *independence? I am not embarrassed to tell you that one time we were at Williamsburg and Josh and I were talking about the Revolutionary War and... (because I had a horrid blonde moment) I said, "The revolution....the British won that right?"

Oh dear..

Now, before you start questioning my intelligence, I need to explain something that runs deep within my veins... it's Koole girl blood. We aren't blonde either, we just dye our's actually innate. To my credit, I just got a 99.6% in my last Master's class.

Ok, back to the story....I paused after this statement....and first corrected myself before Earlsy (the history major) passed out in complete and utter disgust. So yes, I do celebrate July 4th. I love American history, especially the kind where we win wars!

*Side note for blondes...:
Independence Day, commonly known as the Fourth of July, is a federal holiday in the United States commemorating the adoption of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776, declaring independence from the Kingdom of Great Britain.

I need to take a look back in time and see if we are really on our way to becoming colonials. I think it is very possible due to this data I found...

8th grade class trip... Where it all started... My friend Laura might kill me for this pic:) Love you!

This one is truly concerning. First, look at my husband's expression, clearly he was super excited about being "locked up"...he's very special here? Me, well I was trying to act as though I was dead....who dies wearing such cute fall boots though? Then, the most concerning thing...poor Bella. We just rolled her up in front of us....who does this? Anyone walking by that wanted a chubby infant could have snatched her up...bad parenting...bad colonials:(

This one above is today....Bella and I perched in a tree. I was wearing a dress, thankfully this shot was waist up, sorry colonials for the unsightly view from below....who climbs trees in a dress? Wait, maybe true colonials would?

Do you think that I might become a jolly basket weaver if I decided to go full blown colonial? I don't know this colonial (above right) but, she seems jolly. I'm sure I don't have the patience to weave a basket. I think I'd get a scarlet letter for doing something terrible....the letter "A" no doubt...but that's the first letter of my name...where was I going with this? Ok, I wouldn't get the scarlet letter for the same reason as Hester Prynne....mine would be because I forgot to milk a cow or got grossed out by raw meat....

This guy reminded me of Josh. Very serious but, deep down he has some "inner wildness". Yep, that about sums Josh up;) He's rolling his eyes I'm sure right now thinking of my madness....

The cutest colonial child would be Bella. This is not her...but aren't those cute little mini-colonials? I bet they could milk a cow?

This odd colonial has clearly been drinking some colonial spirits...or is just mad with some colonial disease. Actually those are our friends...forced them to come with doubt;)

Who's this hot colonial?..oh wait, it's my mom...probably forced her to come with us one weekend as well...poor Kiki:)

Well, the investigation is over and it's a fact. We are colonial "wanna-be's"... Happy 4th:)

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  1. We are going on Sunday! We'll be there all week, can't wait! Hope you are doing well!