Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Music I love(d).

I'm planning a 90's party for my girlfriend's 30th birthday and while looking for a "rockin" play-list, I came across some of my favorites from the 80-90's. Her play-list will involve much more dance/party music (which I didn't include for your sake).

Here's a few I (Annie) loved back then. Clearly I couldn't add ALL the songs I loved from my younger years but here's an idea...

Have fun down Annie's memory lane...


This song reminds me of my younger years out in California. My father (and mother) were HUGE Beach Boys fans. They actually took us to a BB concert at a Padre's game. I remember that during this song they started throwing thousands of beach balls throughout the stadium. This song also reminds me of the Wild Rivers water park (we used to go there every summer with a group of family friends). I loved my childhood in CA!

Paula Abdul - Straight Up by EMI_Music
Oh Paula, I remember singing your songs with my girlfriends and trying to make up dances to this one...we had braces and uni brows back then... :) Ok, well I did.

This one I LOVED! We weren't supposed to watch MTV but my older siblings were sneaky. I used to dance to this (I was only 5). Looking back, this is a weird video but still love the song and the crazy greasy hair....

This one reminds me of my older sister, she made me fall in love with Prince. I know, he's so odd ... I have an 80's music problem.

Such a classic, I adored this song!

Who doesn't love this song?

Clearly there was also much Tupac, Offspring, Green Day, Weezer, & Snoop....


The 90's must start with my MOST favorite band of ALL TIME. U2 "Achtune Baby" was the first CD I ever purchased and since that time, U2's music hasn't failed me...

So amazing.... I loved this song and still do:)

The second CD I bought, which makes me laugh....I just loved her at 14 apparently:)

And the third CD I, my first three CD's were so different! This one's still my favorites by Radiohead:)

I remember listening to this song by Pearl Jam on the long drive from CA to Michigan:) Oh the teen years!

So 90's....

I'm a HUGE Enya fan, this one reminds me of high school for sure;)

So sad but so pretty.... I pretty much listened to this song over and over for like a month I think...

I know, Elton John? I just love this song though....

Pretty much in love with the movie and soundtrack! Oh Leo...

I remember dancing to this....LOVE:)

So good--Foo Fighters

Beautiful song, used to drive in my Pontiac Sunbird to this one.... bahahaha!

Just loved Third Eye Blind in High School. This one's my favorites for sure:)

Really? Why is Sting so amazing?

Now I'm just tired. I'll have to move past 1999 another day! I've got lots more favorites that I didn't add to this list. Oh the younger years:)

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