Friday, October 28, 2011

Chaplain to the Marines: We are moving!

The Earls, moving... no way!? Do you sense the sarcasm?  When I hear our name in conjunction with the words "moving" it makes me laugh.  I think we figured out that we've been married 8 years and have moved like 6 or 7 times. 

Well, the blog has been lonely lately due to the fact that we got word we are being relocated to Southern California (Camp Pendleton) for Josh to serve as a Chaplain to the Marines.  We got the news last month, and since then it's been busier than we could have imagined.  Good busy, but ... the lists are long and involve manual labor and girl sweat (girls don't sweat we just glow).  Ok, some girls sweat... I digress.

We are super excited!  I think when Josh joined the Navy, his goal down the road was to serve the Marines.  If you weren't already aware, Navy Chaplains service the Marines and Coast Guard as they are all under one umbrella.  They do not serve the Army or the Air Force, as they have their own Chaplains.  When we arrive in CA, Josh will begin work-ups for his upcoming deployment to Afghanistan this spring.  Of course I am bummed to have to be apart for so long again, and it hurts my heart to think about how much Bella will miss him, but... I'm excited for his marines.  He is possibly the best Chaplain they could ever dream of and they don't even know it yet!  He so desperately wants to serve them, especially on the front lines.  One of his best friends is a Marine and Josh knows the hardships they face.  I expect him to love on those guys as much as he would love on his greatest friend.  As his wife, I am proud to be able to serve with him in this new capacity.

Oh, by the way, we are coming back.... cue Arnold "I'll be back"!  Yes, we both moved from CA when we were younger.... I was 14, and have not lived there since! Where we are moving is closer to where I grew up, and I'm excited about that!  I get to live by old friends and most importantly, my older siblings (and nieces and nephew) finally!  I love them dearly and have missed out on so many years with them.  I cannot wait to make up for lost time:)  We also get to be closer to Josh's family who we cherish so much.  They are just a few hours away and well worth the "short" drive!  His entire family lives in Fresno and the surrounding areas and we are excited to be able to attend family events, ect.  We will settle in Temecula which is a bit inland from Oceanside (smack-dab between LA and San Diego).

East coast.... oh how we will miss you.  It's such a bitter-sweet transition for us.  We will be on the other side of the continent from my parents and younger siblings, which makes me sad.  Also, having lived the second half of our lives out here, we have grown to appreciate the seasons, scenery, the people, and... southern hospitality!  We have made the greatest friends here which can never be replaced.  From friends in MI, to friends from Liberty and VA Beach, we will really miss you and thank you dearly for loving us through some of the greatest/hardest times of our lives.  PLEASE COME VISIT.... I can promise you some good weather (wink). 

So, expect a post in a few weeks once we settle. Until then, we are asking you to PRAY FOR BELLA.  This is going to change everything in her little world and for a girl with autism that's hard.  I have been praying ever since we found out we were moving that God would bring about the right school, teacher, and therapist.  Please pray those things specifically.  Pray the transition is smooth and that she would not experience any regression from this move.

God is good, all of the time... even during moves.


P.S. Did I mention we are driving two cars across the United States.  Should be fun right?  Thank goodness for my saint-of-a-mother-in-law Carol who is flying out from CA just to sit in a car with us, and drive back!  She will be a great help with Bella in the car with me:)


  1. I'm still in denial! (and probably will be for until you get to CA and I want a CFA date!). I am going to miss you guys so much!! Love you!

  2. Hey, Earl family! My husband was just commissioned as a US NAVY chaplain last Tuesday and will be heading to ODS in January. After that we will be heading to serve the Marines at 29 Palms, California. I have family not terribly far from there so that will be nice, especially when he deploys. Previously we have been in full-time youth ministry in the great states of Ohio and Arkansas :) I just wanted to say how encouraging, funny, and informative your blog has been as we have been going through this process. Praying that God continues to bless you and those you serve as you get settled in your new home!