Monday, November 21, 2011

Hello California....again!


We "like totally" made it here (summoning my inner California girl).  Ok, maybe that was in the 80's but, we did it.  We drove across the country in four days to our final destination: Temecula, CA.  It was bittersweet leaving our home of over 10 years, Virginia.  We have the majority of our closest friends in VA so it was hard to force our car to drive West.  What made it easier was the fact that we have family in CA.  Oh and Josh's mom flew from CA just to turn around and sit in my car and drive with Bella and I back.  She deserves a special place in heaven for making this car trip with us.  Josh and I haven't lived by family for over a decade and that's a long time to be away from your blood.... so we were excited!

We don't have a home here yet so my brother found some amazing temporary housing for us while we look for a home to purchase.  Yes, we are buying a house, can't believe it!  We are partially moved in right now (kept tons of stuff in boxes for our final move).  We may actually be professional movers at this point.  If that's the case I may starting wearing a back brace.  Luckily this move involved hired movers through the military... I literally didn't lift even one box... my back thanks them.

Since being here we've spent time with family and started getting Bella's schooling and therapies lined up.  It's been a whirlwind thus far and Bella is doing the best she can with all of the change.  The first week we were here she cried/tantrumed pretty much all the time.  It's hard as her mother to know that this change threw her into such a funk, I know however that in the long run it will be the best for her.  So we are praying her through this change knowing that God has a better plan and will settle her spirit.  Every day we have less tantrums and more smiles... praise God.

Here are some photo's from our time here thus far.  We've already hit up Disney, of course:) We have also toured Old Town Temecula, attended a Marine Corps Ball, and hung out with our sweet families and friends.  Yes, all in 1.5 weeks. 

 Leaving VA Beach in the crazy train with Nanny Earls and Bella-boo....
 Some of the gorgeous scenery we saw driving East to West...
 She was a champ on the day four of driving however, she was done:) So was I!
 A much happier me....Old Town, Temecula CA
 My awesome bro found us some temp housing, not a bad view from my back porch ehhh?
 My sissy and sis-in-law (and little Emma girl) getting our nails "did" :) Ahh, family...
 My newest niece, Emma:)
 We quickly became annual pass holders at Disney!

 Chaplain to the Marines:)
 Marine Corps Ball! 

So, there you have it.  That's what we've been up too!  We are excited about this newest journey for our family.  Hope you all have blessed Thanksgiving holidays!  We will be heading north to be with Josh's family.  :)

PS I want you to notice how my skin went from pasty white to orange tan.  Yes people, spray worth it.  Not even scared to admit it:)

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  1. Josh and Annie,

    I stumbled across your blog while looking for information on the Navy Chaplain Corps and am so thankful that I did; I have been truly blessed by all that you have shared here. I pray for you two and your lovely daughter as you continue to live your lives for God and our Country. Best of luck to you in your new assignment.

    Semper Fidelis.