Monday, January 30, 2012

Video's Make The Heart Grow Fonder :)


It's happening again.  Deployment.  Ugh, that word is hard for me.  I am oozing with pride for my country and for the men and women who daily sacrifice to protect it, but one of those brave souls happens to be mine.  I LOVE that Josh will be representing Christ to the Marines in Afghanistan.  So, I have to remind myself that, while I will miss my sweet husband.... he is serving the souls of thousand's of men and women.  It makes me happy for their loved ones at home.  I have heard, so many times how thankful a wife was that Josh was the Chaplain to their husband.  Nothing blesses me more:)

Last deployment Josh made videos for Bella of himself singing to her and reading books.  He even played hide and seek on the video (to which she would always run and hide, then scream with excitement when he came back on screen). Whenever anyone was in the room to witness this, there was not a dry eye:(  It was precious.  I know Josh is dreading being away from Bella this year.  Last deployment he feared she would forget him, and I know he's feeling the same way this time around.

Josh, the fact is... you are Bella's daddy.  She loves your face, your smell, your voice.  She will not forget you, I promise.  We will play videos, talk about you, look at your clothes, and pray for you every day.

So, hang in there daddy.  We will see you when you get back from training... then send you off again... for a time.  We will be ok because we have Someone else watching out for us:)

I plan on doing tons of these for you to see... here's me trying to figure out the iMovie feature.  I'll get it nailed down so that you can see TONS of Bella antics;)  This amateur attempt is for you....when you miss your girls.


  1. Annie, I was searching for navy chaplain blogs and I found yours.. my husband is at chaplain school currently and we are stationed I think the same place you guys are.. would love to email you.. here is my email

  2. I really enjoy your posts, they are very inspiring and enlightening. I actually came across your blog, because I was trying to find a way to email free Bible information to Navy Chaplains. If you or your family members are interested in receiving free Bibles or Christian literature, please check out Thanks again for the peek into your life!

  3. <3
    Praying for you!
    You are a strong woman Annie!!!