Thursday, March 8, 2012

Is it possible to pause time???

Time is ticking away...

....I can feel it in my bones.  We have a short time left with Josh before he leaves us again.  I looked at him today and remembered this hard fact, and my stomach turned.  I can count the weeks on my fingers and that was shocking to me for some reason.  Maybe it's because we've been so busy with the move into our new home but, I have mentally and emotionally not dealt with Josh leaving again.  Whether I'm ready or not, it's happening.  Afghanistan. 

We've been busy bees here in the new house....preparing all of our accounts, updating wills, and finishing off remodels (pictures to come).  My husband remodeled two bathrooms in two weeks because he was so eager to get them done before leaving!  It's like I've got a super hot guy from HGTV living in my house, I like it :) 

I can sense Josh's eagerness to "take it all in".   From playing with Bella, to bringing me flowers, to saying prayers with us at night...  he has eagerly desperate eyes.  Desperate to pause time.  It's precious actually.  I wish I could record "a day in the life" for him so he could play it back for himself when he's away.  I'm pretty sure though, that he'd be reminded of the crazy girls he's left behind... 

We love you too.

Your eyes are eager.... while my eyes don't want to close... it means one less day with you;)

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  1. Annie,

    These are two scrapbook ladies who are friends that found themselves while their hubby's are on deployment. I thought you would enjoy some of their blog entries:

    I love their art but their stories while their hubbies are away and when they return are so good too.

    This was precious, I will pray for you.