Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Three things.

Three simply amazing things:

1. Bella was playing with a doll and said, "Oh, so cute" (pretend play is a huge developmental milestone and saying three words together... wow!)
2. I put on Bella's shoes at the mall today and she looked at me... hugged me, and said "thanks momma" (This is a rare thing, Bella expressing emotion through unprompted affection and addressing me as mom without being prompted). I literally almost cried when being embraced by her!
3. Bella asked, "Momma, popcorn?" (She said two words together to tell me what she wanted, that is amazing).

So, from banging and screaming to tell me things.... to... well... words.  When she was first diagnosed, I thought I'd never speak to my daughter.  My soul is so full right now.  It's not much, but it's something friends.

These are not many words for a nearly four year old to be saying, I realize.  But for our Bella, these are spoken miracles.  I wanted to record what I heard because my heart is so happy.  We continue biomedical treatments and at this point, we are full speed ahead with all of her supplements.  She has had many good days of late.  I thank you friends for your continued prayers on her behalf.  I feel like I'm "knowing" Bella a litte bit more everyday.  I can't wait for Josh to witness her growth in person:)

Thank you Jesus for Bella's words.  Thank you for her smiles.  Thank you for a good day today.

...and as Bella and I say/pray every night, "Lord heal Bella's mind, give her joy and patience" amen.



  1. oh, bless you! I cry as I read this because it is such wonderful news!!! I am thrilled for this blessing of speech that God gave Bella and you today! We will pray that prayer with you as well! Way to be faithful, hopeful, and joyful!

  2. Oh Annie, I am so happy for you and little Bella. I know how hard it has been for you recently and this so makes me smile and cry. What a blessing to hear her finally speak and to say "thanks momma" and hug you.... you must not have wanted that moment to ever end :-) We will continue to pray that these wonderful miracle moments will occur more and more frequently!

  3. Annie, it thrills my soul to hear of Bella's progress, and for you to experience such a blessing. God is so good. I will continue to keep you and Bella in my prayers.