Monday, July 16, 2012

What Happens on Deployment...

Independence Day 10K at Camp Dwyer Afghanistan. Chaps (aka Josh) planned/coordinated this event with help from others on base (and friends from LU at home).  Shout out to Emily Foutz from LU Online and Josh Yeoman for helping with shirts and support! 
Josh got to spend a quick minute with this fabulous person, Joe Gahagan.  Best buds crossing paths in Afghanistan....priceless.
Chaps feeling the love from home compliments of family, good friends... and perfect strangers! Thanks to each of you who have sent him stuff or kept him in your prayers:)

Trained assassin? 007 Chaplain?? Toughest looking Chaps I've seen....getting ready to go out on a clip. Whatever that is... can you tell I'm doing these captions (Annie = blonde = no idea what military terms mean)
Getting ready to do the invocation for the Hospital Corpsman Birthday with RP2 (select) Benninger.   Can I just say, my husband is so tan, he makes me look bad.  I could lay out for an entire year and still not be this tan.  Thanks babe.
Doing a little MCMAP (Marine Corps Martial Arts Program). Nice undies. 
Chaps playing some b-ball, showing his amazing (so I've been told) high school basketball skills :)

Looking tough.
Josh with some of his friends at the finish line!

Getting his Fleet Marine Force pin.  He was pretty excited about this one! We are proud of you Josh!
 HER and little her DEPLOYMENT
(so I am not as awesome as my husband but I have to fill my time somehow)
Rodeo Drive fun with my roomie Kori! I'm pretty sure when I walked into Tiffany's with an H&M top on, they rolled their eyes.  I'm middle class and totally proud of it!

Kori looking through this amazingly large indoor telescope at the antique mall we frequent.  I believe she saw something awesome in that hole.  Or, she some something terribly disturbing... it's hard to tell from her face.

Riding a trolley in San Fran!

Concert going with old friends!

Bella and her bubbles.  That's the stuff. 
Sunsets at the beach with the sweetest face you'll ever squeeze.

Being way too pretty for words and eating her 10th apple of the day...

Riding a SF trolley while watching my 80's bangs flap around.... wow.

In DC with the lovely Leslie Gahagan or her back that is....for all you know this could be two supermodels;)  It was splendid fun!

Saw some old friends for a minute.... miss these girls! I love that Kim's face is half cut off and that she's looking into outer-space:)

Loved seeing you! If there was one thing Lindsay was good for (and there were many) it was a Chick-fil-a date!

How often do we swim... oh every day.  Bella really responds well to water stimulus so off to the pool we go....

We found an amazing splash pad.  Where is this splash pad you say? Oh, it's right next to this deadly cliff that Bella sprints across full speed.... good fun...

Bella's first full year of special education preschool.  She loved it, and hated it... but mostly loved it!  Her teach, miss Kate, was wonderful to her!

In DC trying to represent! Go Navy!

Only serious bike riders can make this face, clearly. 

Little Misiano! I love this little munchy!

Crazy Kori, breaking flip flops after running from a gang of segway-ers in SF.  If you've never been chased by a gang of segway-ers... you may not understand the trauma she experienced:( :)

San Diego Zoo! 
Painting walls, arranging furniture... repainting walls...rearranging furniture...taking pain pills for my 70 year old lower back issues

Making my child do manual labor:) No, she likes doing it I swear:)

Spending time with my family.. LOVE THEM! Brandon is missin from this shot but I seriously LOVE spending time with my SoCal fam!

Visiting family up north.  Bella loves when cousin Caleb jumps and splashes!

Well, there you have it.  We've done lots more than these pictures show.  Tons of time with Josh's family and my family down south.  I caught up with lots of wonderful friends in Virginia. I've also met some great mom's and kiddos at Bella's preschool.  Nothing like spending time with mom's who have children with special needs, I love them! I look forward to Josh getting home so we can be a family again!

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