Monday, August 6, 2012

He's home! Deployment #2 is OVER!

We did it!  Deployment number two (in three years) is under our belts!

First let me say, it was news to me that Josh was coming home so early from his originally scheduled arrival date in Oct/Nov.  He kept it a secret until a couple days before he landed on US soil (that little stinker).  I suppose it was good that he waited to tell me because I couldn't sleep at all from the excitement....and was literally counting down the actual minutes in the day! I had all these things I wanted to do before he came home... finish house projects, paint more walls, obtain the body of a supermodel.... alas, twas not meant to happen that way:)  I had to settle for a few DIY's done, the living room painted, and well...  as far as supermodel status.... I bought a new outfit, does that count?

The day of his arrival I had told Bella that "Daddy's coming home today".  I said it all day long and she would just repeat the words "Daddy?".  I was trying to help her understand what was happening not knowing if she did.  I planned on bringing her to the return & reunion but, after talking to Josh about how long she would have to wait in the crowds, we decided their reunion would be at home... in her happy place.... the place where her daddy used to be months ago and would be again:)  The sweetest thing happened when I went to pick up Josh from the base.  Bella, who is just starting to put more than one word together at a time, looked at my brother and his wife Brandon (who were watching her) and said (twice), "Daddy's coming home today".... our hearts melted.  While Bella was at home with family, I was waiting with the crowds on base.  Hours passed and the time came... you could see all of the moms with babies who had never met their fathers anxiously awaiting the moment and new wives who had never actually had the chance to live with their husbands, and girlfriends, and mothers, and siblings... it was a precious sight to behold.

Here's a video of our first look at the guys/gals as they marched into view:

Bella tried her hardest to stay awake but she passed out about an hour before daddy got home:(  So, first thing in the morning this is what happened.  She said "daddy" and it made my heart happy and even more important, her daddy's heart!

 Luckily I had already ordered this sign to be ready for his original return date!

His Battalion's welcome home sign:) 

 Before the guys arrived their bags were laid out.  Something about this picture reminds me of how amazing these men & women are... and how much they sacrifice for us when they deploy!

 Marching in amidst the screams and cheers!

 Me and my favorite man!

 I missed this:)

Bella missed this... so did Josh:)


  1. Amazing blog, pics and video... I read your updates on FB all the time. I am glad Josh made it back home to his family... - Matt Novack

  2. So beautiful.

  3. Awwwww, this is just so great! And Bella is getting so tall - you can really feel the love between her and Josh in that pic. Glad you have your man back:)

  4. Yaaaaay!!! Omg, I just "ugly cried" watching your 23 second video. :) I'm so happy you are united again!! Love your amazing family. Xoxo -Julie Griffin

  5. You don't know me but I attend your father's church and am a friend of your mother's. I follow all her posting about your family and I feel I kind of know all of you because of this. I'm so happy for both of you right now and my heart feels so happy for Bella to be able to say such joyous words. Even just the word daddy is so special. Prayers continue for your family and know my heart is so happy for you right now.

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  7. Rachel VandenToornAugust 28, 2012 at 6:31 AM

    Tears and goosebumps!!!