Friday, August 24, 2012

There's no place like home or the Price is Right?

We are a family again!! Josh has been home for a couple weeks and Bella and I couldn't be happier.  Oh and we still have our favorite roomie and old college buddy Kori living with us as well. Josh is settling in nicely as the "man of the house".  Now that he's home... I don't have to pick up dead animals, take out the trash, or worry about bills.  Yes, last month there was a dead rat in our yard and I spent 10 minutes dry heaving trying and failing to get it to trash can (I gave up and found a man to pick it up... I know, fail for the female race).  I've never claimed to be a she-woman.  One of my favorite things about Josh being home is how much Bella loves to be around him.  When he gets home from work, she runs full speed to find him and ask him to spin her! "I want spin" (she is now saying three words at a time... amazing, I know). I LOVE IT.  Oh and my poor husband, I follow him around trying to snuggle 24/7... What can I say, I'm a lover :)

Happy 9 Year Anniversary us!

In other news, Kori and I were on the Price is Right! Wow, what a fun experience! Seven hours of waiting in lines and an interview with the producer was worth every second.  Since I've vowed to keep the shenanigans of our experience a secret (until Nov 7 when it airs), YOU MUST watch it friends!  Did we get on the show?  Did we run down the isle like crazy people? Did we say anything inappropriate on the air? Did we do the robot dance?  What do you think?  Let me just say I'm frightened to see what I look like on television, I'm sitting in the second row, front and center... oh, don't worry.. you will see me............ More on that when it airs in November.  I've never bounced, hugged, or high five'd more in my life.
Ok, we need to take a moment and try to figure out what is happening in this picture?  Kori looks really excited with her Price is Right name tag, and "Hugs & High-Fives" t-shirt.  Me, well... I am super intense, either playing air guitar, doing a weird fist pump, or constipated.... it's just an unfortunate picture of me that's all.... Kori, I love this picture of you.

The new house is coming together nicely.  It really feels like home now that I have a hot chaplain in the house.  Here are a few pictures of the downstairs (upstairs pics to come).  I've got tons of painting, wall hanging, curtain and furniture purchasing to do in the future... but for now, I'm loving our place.

Painted this wall gray (from a neutral creme that is present throughout the house).  Primed the brick from a weird creme to white, still deciding what to do with the brick:)

Purchased some fun pillows.  Josh jokes that we have way too many pillows in this house.  Hey, if the world was ending and pillows were a hot commodity, remember me... I'll be dealing pillows like drugs.

Found this light fixture at World Market and fell in love.  I love shells and circles so this light and I needed a moment alone:)

Here's the light fixture hanging in the living room, bad picture I know...but you get the idea.  P.S. I need some curtains, clearly. Oh and if you look closely... the right wall is gray and the left is blue.  Some of the painting that took place during deployment.

Dear pillow:  I love you so much.  

Sunburst, I love you too... Got this at Home Depot for 30 something bucks!  All of the vases/candle holders are from consignment shops.

My peeps.  My owl.  My DIY letter.  

MY KITCHEN IS DONE!  Ok, I was going for the "mismatched cabinet" look and I love how it turned out.  Gray on bottom (compliments other wall in the house) and cream/white on top with cream/white counter tops!
Here's the before picture, hard to see but it was navy blue counter tops and all of the bottom drawers were rusted out. 

Here is a look at how the back splash ties it all together:) even closer look at the back splash... yummy... don't you just want to lick it?  I do? That was a weird thing to say...  

Here's our entry way.  I need curtains and new wall decor but I love how the gray and cream walls go together:)  I also love the craigslist wicker chairs I bought/spray painted to fill the space in the mean time.  Money doesn't grow on trees like I had previously thought when beginning the decorating process.... Oh, the center table is an antique tray set (both trays come off...found at a local thrift store.
Downstairs bathroom before... ewe.

Downstairs bathroom (done by my amazing husband Josh)!


  1. Hey Annie! Your house looks great! We just moved for our first assignment to Scott Air Force base just outside of Illinois. We'll only be here a year, so I'm trying to make it feel like home fast! By the way, I don't know how you do it with Josh being deployed...kuddos to you, girl.

    1. The house looks awesome!! So happy about Bella and her progress, and (if it makes you feel any better) I dry heave sometimes picking up after the dog (and I'm a guy. lol).

      Anyway, God bless you and Josh! And thanks so much for your service to our country.

  2. Ann!!! The backsplash looks amazeballs!!! And I love the plates you hung too!! We need to get back out there soon! Love ya girlie!